Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi & Bye

Final NCIDQ testing commences in a week and a half. wow.

So pictures,

starting from a couple weeks back,

 rocking that my-cheeks-and-lips-are-still-numb-from-getting-a-cavity-filled smile
sister loved Norman's favorite breakfast eatery

 Sometimes it's hard to go back in the college of architercture and then other times I feel pride and joy when I'm there...but hey! how cool is this model I'm guessing the senior ARCH students made of the school?!

 little sis got the ultimate warren experience in the grand theatre!
 and then she left us on a EARLY and chilly morning
 and hit the streets for a day off of studying
 I planned and hung a gallery wall in my boss' office... we won't go into how long it took

 Lots of finish & upholstery decisions were made this past week at work
 Kelli and I did some last minute studying the day before the PRAC and the electricians left us the BEST surprise ever...
 My sweet husband wrote me an encouraging love note the week of the PRAC packed full of scripture. I love this man.
 my blurry and graphite covered hand after the morning session of the PRAC
 cuddling with my pup
 someone hit me this yeah that was cool
 reps who bring surprise treats are awesome....

 my bestie and I are doing Beth's new study in May and I can't wait! She surprised me and sent it to me..such a wonderful friend.

 I attempted to arrange this bouquet...
 thanking the husband for taking care of virtually everything in these last few weeks of studying, with cupcakes...his favorite funfetti!

 puppy girl is loving her backyard these days since it's actually been WARM!
 Don't know where you're going for Easter? Now you do...

 Husband and I got a rare saturday morning together since he's been on overnights last week...we got donuts (for the first time ever since being married...crazy as that is...well here in Norman because of course when we were in Texas we go the best ever, Shipley's).

 Our home improvement purchase this month were these curtain hold backs...loving them
husband has the cleaned feet

I took a study break and whipped these guys up...I'm making a few winnie the pooh illustrations for a little girl's any favorite winnie the pooh quotes?

And so that's life...
what's going on in yours?

Hi and Bye,
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Days Gone By

 don't mind us just pulling a boy-meets-world moment

making : plans in my head for May, June and July
cooking : nachos, at least more than likely...they're my go-to especially when the husband is away (darn overnight shifts)
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife and really, really enjoying it! Also, my NCIDQ study book (on the last chapter!)
watching: Once & Nashville (currently on hold for 3 weeks, arg! guess that's okay since I should study and not watch tv)
lookingat tons of fabric swatches and so excited that my client has liked my choices! Can't wait to see these fun colors all installed! #itsnotallredandwhite!
playingcolors, like I mentioned my client let me have some fun, though coaxing was involved, but I'm pumped to play with more than red and white!
sewing: dreaming about sewing pillows & possibly a blanket for the home. Our white bed needs a little navy blanket to protect it from our crazy pup.
wishingto just be able to wake-up like I used to, peppy and ready to go
enjoying: a home-made salad for lunch, made with love by my husby
waiting: for the weekend, or just the evening...I've been so worn out lately. I just want to be home.
likingthe idea of throwing a memorial day brunch at our home for our small group
wonderingabout how to approach a certain situation
listening: really nothing. I've been taking at least half of my drive to pray in the mornings, and at work I've had more mind-strenuous tasks (not as much CAD work), and on the way home I've been chatting with friends/family.
thanking: my incredible Savior for bringing me peace about the exam last weekend...crazyness
going: no where. absolutely no where. until JUNE when I'll see SAMANTHA (and possibly KARLA)
loving: that the weather has FINALLY warmed up...oh glorious day! 
hoping: for the ability to just really memorize information for the next two exam sections
marvelingat God's work in our lives, especially in our small group...mind blown.
smelling: my salad, eating and typing currently.
wearingmy skinny black crop pants with a sky blue vneck and a green belt with black shiny shoes...not sure it all really goes together but oh wells.
noticing: that I'm feeling more and more at home at my new job every day.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the NCIDQ always
pinning: things that I won't get to do or look at until MAY
creating: some winnie the pooh "prints" for a friend of ours SOON
giggling: office jokes

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Everything You do to the Glory of the ONE Who Made You

the husband and I took a trip to the Home Depot this Sunday, as you might have seen on instagram...can't wait to write about what we have in mind!

making : homemade kitkat bars for the shower, not as easy as it looks.
cooking : healthier meals.
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife and really, really enjoying it! Also, my NCIDQ study book, and trying to soak in every word as much as possible...ugh
watching: The Bachelor and grateful it's done. #overjuan What do we think of the new bachelorette friends?
lookingat my sweet home and appreciating it more and more.
playingwith the cutest puppy girl I know. She's always so joyful.
sewing: or already sewed  this banner for the wedding shower happening tonight! Can't wait to snap some pics of it all set up!
wishing: work goes by quickly today, and it usually does #halfdayfriday
waiting: for my littlest sister to be here in Oklahoma! I'm sensing a trip to Waffle Champion, Blu, Syrup and who knows where else?!
liking: the pretty, pretty invites for the shower, and all the flowers in my home for the shower right now.
wonderinghow I'm going to get through all these projects at work. I'm used to having a lot of projects on my plate but usually they aren't all in the exact same phase, yikes!
listening: to this Steven Curtis Chapman hit, the ever growing popular Oceans song, and Divergent on CD in the car. Also, my fun FIL on the radio with the Tune-In app.
thanking: my sweet Jesus for the church He's rooted me in.
going: to work today and home at NOON!
lovingthat the wedding shower is TONIGHT! Can't wait to see the couples faces light up. They're adorable!
hoping: to be able to discipline myself tomorrow to take a practice exam
marvelingat God's work in my life. I see it more with every day.
smelling: my sweat, gross. Tome to go shower!
wearingwork-out capris and a long sleeve shirt from our run this morning...
followingthe devo plan my church created for 40 days with my church family. #loveJourneyChurch
noticing: my husby's sweet love for me daily.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the NCIDQ and hoping I'm going to pass.
pinning: plans for some floating shelves on our tv wall and a homemade table for our  backyard.
praying: for a city to be transformed one city at a time
gigglingwith my husband in the evenings, I married one silly man. I've recenrtly decided that my husband is an interesting combo of Cory Matthews and Phil Dunphy...and that's seriously not an exaggeration!
feelingmore energized after working out most mornings this week.

Some pictures around our home lately:

 thanks Kiki LaRu for making my state necklace dream come true! #sale

 Paisley is LOVING the days we get a little warmer weather...her favorite place is in the sun...and the white stuff is now snow, nope it's a pillow she destroyed.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome Friday

making : myself take a slow down and enjoy the calm
cooking : Homemade healthy mac-n-cheese TONIGHT
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife
watching: Nashville today with a friend over lunch! Bring on half day Friday!
lookingforward to getting to back to Houston in February! I haven't been in like 2 years.
playingwith my puppy more
sewing: nothing but dreaming of adding a bottom to some of my curtain panels like Michaela did.
wishingfor my throat and nose to stop hurting...darn allergies
enjoying: life with a little less "to-dos"
waiting: for Samantha to give us a yes on our Nashville vacay dates! (Yes, I'm calling you out, ;) love ya!)
likingthat I get to clean and cook today!
wonderingif I'll pass the NCIDQ the second time...and praying it is so!
listening: to Pandora at work and the radio in the car.
thanking: my incredible Savior for giving me second chances at everything all the time
going: to Houston in February and no where until then!
lovingour new camera! AH! You can actually see our fur baby!
hoping: for the mindset to focus on studying
marvelingat God's incredible ways of answering prayers
smelling: Blush by Victoria
wearingleggings as pants today! For the first time ever! They're thick and from BCBG, their quality is amazing and I don't feel like I'm walking around in tights.
following: my loving Father, my gracious Savior, my honored King
noticing: how much my husband really does for us every week, for me.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the study train to the NCIDQ, here we go!
pinning: things that I won't get to do or look at until MAY
opening: a sweet, sweet set of cards from this lady..coming to the blog NEXT week!
gigglingat my puppy girl

Some fun picture we've (mostly Kevin) have taken with our new camera! The Nikon D3200 so far is treating us very well! I can't get over how much detail it captures with Paisley. She's usually a black blob with white eyes, from the flash. Now she's cute black lab with fur and dirt on her whiskers and brown eyes, oh those eyes! 

Heather posted this and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so I participated a while back, and have decided to keep it going every now and then! So here it is from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip

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