The Hope & Joy

I believe in Jesus Christ, son of God, Savior, Helper, Lover, Healer and my Heavenly Father. I grew up in a baptist church in Houston, Texas ( my second home there, Houston's First Baptist Church) and upon my new life in Norman, Oklahoma began attending a non-denominational church ( Journey Church, my new second home). With my husband   our heart is to serve the Lord with all we are, to make His Name known among the earth and to glorify Him with our daily actions and words.

We pray as you follow along you see Him in our lives more than anything else.
We pray your spirit is encouraged by the hope He gives.
We pray you learn the joy, hope, and love that comes from being close to Christ as He shapes your story.

Read about how the Lord has brought HOPE and JOY in my life through the good and tough times, HERE.

And if you're in Norman ever, we'd LOVE if you'd join us at Journey Church for a fun, exciting and Christ filled time of worship and teaching. Journey's strategy is to honor God, build healthy relationships and have a blast! This home is a fabulous place to fill up and serve others.

Check out our church here.
Check in Sunday Mornings LIVE here.
Catch up on messages here.

Learn more about my faith journey:

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