Welcome to Passion, Pink and Pearls. This little blog began out of interest in reading other's blogs and soon enough grew into a blog all it's own. Passion, Pink and Pearls covers three things: Passion, that is our passion for the Lord, our passion for life, and our passion for relationships. Pink, pink is her favorite color and is slowly growing on him, you're bound to see pink every once in a while here. Pearls, pearls are the classic accessory for any day, in any time; in life we also learn pearls of wisdom so every now then you'll find our pearls of wisdom we've picked up along the way.

Meet Her:
Hey Yall! While he, husband, is in nearly every post, I'm most generally the voice behind the typed words. I am a Florida born, Houston bred and recent grad of the University of Oklahoma. I am a full time interior designer. So yes, I love HGTV and husband watches it often with me. Though I have no true talent in photography, I also love to document our life in pictures. Any and every, small and big, event in our life is worth a picture to remember the sweet life God has given us. Yet another love affair of mine is scrapbooking...what better hobby for a person who loves pictures?! I love the sun, that sounds cheesy but I seriously thrive off the sun shining brightly. There are many other things in this world I've come to love but above all I love my Jesus! He has given me this precious life to live, the most wonderful husband I could have every imagined and family/friends that bring joy to my heart. He is my passion, my Savior, my hope.
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Meet Him:
What's up, blogging world? I'm Kevin aka "the hubs," "hubster," and "hubby." I am a native Texan who's lived in several states but I always claim Texas as my home. I graduated from OU with a bachelor's of science in meteorology and work as a Voyage Planner/Risk Communicator at Weathernews routing ships efficiently around heavy weather and sending them weather updates. I work four 10 hour days so I enjoy my three day weekends. I achieved my biggest dream, marrying right out of college, but got a wife far better than I ever would have imagined or dreamed of in Veronica (thank you, Lord!). I am fascinated by technology (Android and PC are my systems of choice) and I love television shows (sports, comedies, and documentaries are my favorite). I want to travel everywhere I can with my wife but also hope to put down roots somewhere we both love. And, above all, I strive to live for the glory of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my strength and comfort and the giver of all good things in my life.
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Meet Our Little Fur Child:
We welcomed a sweet pup into our lives December 2012. She brings us such joy and sometimes great amounts of frustration. She' is a petite Labrador retriever. She melts our hearts with her sweet face. We spoil her rotten, cuddle her often, and speak on her behalf her in a Britist accent, because that makes complete sense! You can always find the most updates about her under the Paws&Tail page.
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  1. i love your wedding picture! you all look like the delightful couple. i love your husband's bio, haha. what a great idea. i should get my husband to do that.

  2. Love the post! Your newest follower :)


  3. Veronica, I just wanted to let you know that I am so excited to be your newest member! I already love Passion Pink & Pearls! I saw you were also in the bigs and littles blog network so I just wanted to say hi! Can't wait to be a follower!


  4. This is crazy!! I live in Florida, my family is from OK, and my cousins live in Norman. I'm excited to be your newest follower!!


  5. awww.. what a lovely story about both of you! :)
    You two look so beautiful together! :)

  6. Just found your blog and looking forward to following along! :)

    Love your wedding dress!


    I'm over at http://ktbuttons.blogspot.com/ Feel free to stop on by :)

  7. Hi :) Just came over from Karla's blog... this is so sweet! Following along now! :)

  8. This is a great "about me" section! You guys are awesome. I saw that you subscribted, welcome to the partay ;)


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