The Love Story

Life & Love: Our Love Story: A blog series!

I'll preface this by letting you know right away that this will be a lengthy post series...and in addition to that the posts themselves will probably be lengthy too. I once wrote in detail about the night we transitioned from friends to dating, for Kevin, and ever since I've wanted to do more. My sweet man himself, has written parts of our story on a note I get every month we've dated (read more on this here). So now it's my turn, and I want to write it in a manner so as to remember as much as possible. Thus, I'll be writing our story in first person chronologically, including as much detail as I can remember.

My goal is to share the parts of our story every Monday however, know that life happens and there will probably come a time that I won't get it out every week. As far as how many posts it will take, I have no plan. I plan to simply write as much as I can remember and see how things fall into place. You'll be able to keep up with the story HERE under the Life&Love page. I'll be posting links for it in a read-able order here to keep organized.

Fall 2008
{Part One} Meeting for the FIRST time.

{Part Two} Friendship Begins

{Part Three} Adjusting to School

{Part Four} Walker Stalkers Grow

{Part Five} Texas Roadtrips Planned

{Part Six} To Texas we go!

{Part Seven} Meeting His Family

{Part Eight} Friendship Blooms

{Part Nine} My Birthday

{Part Ten} Our First Goodbye

Spring 2009
{Part Eleven} The First Phone Call

{Part Twelve} First Hand Hold

{Part Thirteen} Forgetfulness

{Part Fifteen} Pleasant Ways

{Part Sixteen} Count on me

{Part Seventeen} Blessed Friendship

{ Part Eighteen} A Date

{Part Nineteen} A Night Out

{Part Twenty} Final Farewell

Summer 2009
{Part Twenty-One} A Break-Up

{Part Twenty-Two} She Let Herself Go

Fall 2009
{Part Twenty-Three} A New Season

{Part Twenty-Four} The Start of Something Great

{Part Twenty-Five} And So it Began

{Part Twenty-Six} Then it Was

{Part Twenty-Seven} A Smile and A Yes

{Part Twenty-Eight} THE FIRST DATE

{Part Twenty-Nine} Meeting MY Parents, and Second/Third Dates

{Part Thirty} Completely Smitten

{Part Thirty-One} I LOVE you and the First KISS

{Part Thirty-Two} The Fall Comes to an End

{Part Thirty-Three} The First Christmas Break

Spring 2010
{Part Thirty-Four} The First Documented Kiss

{Part Thirty-Five} Sharing our Stories

{Part Thirty-Six} Spring Break Together

{Part Thirty-Seven} Talking Marriage

Summer 2010

{Part Thirty Eight} Summer Begins

{Part Thirty-Nine} Summer Lovin' ?

{Part Fourty} Summer Ends

Fall 2010

{Part Fourty-One} A New Semester Begins


  1. Girlfriend! I need Part Eight, and Nine and Ten!!! Keep this story up you have my full attention!!


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