Monday, August 27, 2018

Here's What You Missed

Last I posted, we were celebrating being DEBT FREE and not sharing about how we were in the middle of a season of waiting. Probably, about three years ago, it became clear to us that one day we would move to Florida. And last year, it became clear that after we'd try to go about getting there by our own plan, it was time to just trust God and try another way. When we took those debt free pictures, we were waiting to find out if I would be taking a job in St. Pete, Florida and thus jump starting us on the move to Florida. And just a few weeks after that, I did! It was an emotional choice that had us celebrating and mourning. Oklahoma was a wonderful home to us and while we didn't have family there,  most of the time, our friends were very much a family to us. We miss them dearly to this day. We've been living in Florida for the last 8 months and it has been such a joy to be near family and enjoying the beach doesn't hurt either. We're still certainly still in transition here, getting to know our community, our church and finding our people but it is good. We are so thankful.

Just this past weekend we celebrated a decade of knowing each other. Pretty wild. Last June we celebrated 6 years of marriage. Being married is one of my favorite gifts the Lord has given. In our seventh year of marriage, we will celebrate four friends getting married, one of which is my sister!

Her fiance told us in January about his game plan to propose in Hawaii on the family vacation. He got the rest of the family together just before the trip and told them. So yes, we kept that secret for like 5 months. And on the last day of our trip, he popped the question and she was so surprised and delighted. It was such a JOY to be there in that moment. I'll cherish it forever.
My brother got engaged! We weren't there for it but he did it in a special spot in honor of his momma and we are so very excited for these two!

Well, there is a whole story to this and that will come but I had two rather major surgeries after an accident in Colorado, right after Thanksgiving, right before we moved to Florida. It was a wild season of life but God was so very present.

We're excited to share more about this. It's been a dream of mine to have a table big enough to fit my whole or Kevin's whole family at once. I also have dreamt about being the home for Thanksgivings for our families in the future. When we saw the home we're in currently, renting, we LOVED the back porch and knew that it was sure to be the home of the table we've been talking about. It was an epic trial and error game but we designed and built it together. A true labor of love that we have so enjoyed sharing with our people already.

And, I can't leave without a few other highlights:

(my best friends came to visit and we went to see T Swift, so you know, that was a MAJOR highlight)

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