Friday, October 13, 2017


I haven't opened Blogger to write in quite some time, actually over a year ago when I sliced my thumb. Update: surgery went well and I'm able to do nearly everything I was before. I'm still sorta numb and still can't easily bend my thumb but God healed me and gave doctors and surgeons incredible wisdom and talent to get me here! I'm amazed about how the body can heal.

Today, I'm here back on my little blog to share some news we've been eagerly awaiting the day to share! Many moments of tears, frustration and even anger led up to this day. Also, many moments of gratitude and praise led up to this day. God has walked us through this challenge through every feeling I went through. Admittedly, I've not always had the best attitude. I found myself fighting myself through waves of selfishness and a sense of entitlement over these last few years at times. There's been some serious ugly. But my husband held us strong through it. He drew us to prayer and reminded us of where God was leading us. He opened up scripture and he allowed me to work through my ugly. He reminded me of our early promise to God. From the moment we started talking about getting married, one thing God had definitely put into our hearts was to pay off our college debt. We wanted to create a new legacy of debt-free living in our lives and for our future family. We planned to live small in every way. With that attitude, people gifting us in unexplainable ways, surprises, working extra side jobs, Kevin working over time, and our family and friend's encouragement, prayers, and support, today we get to announce that by God's gift and work within us we are....

There are so many people to thank as they walked through this season with us. And there's so much more I want to write on this. But today, and really this whole weekend, we're celebrating!

I'll leave with this. My small group has been reading through Ephesians lately, and midway through Ephesians 2, God promises to prepare good plans for us to walk through. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do. Ephesians 2:10. Reading that passage makes me smile and fills my spirit with a sense of peace. I chose God and He's already prepared the way for me to do good things. But I realized, that these good works He prepares, they're not special "fun" or "gifts" for us to enjoy, necessarily although they very well may be fun and gifts. They are work that He's asking us to do. They're challenges that He's walking us through. Because these good works are not for our enjoyment as much as they are for God's glory! John 3:21 says that "anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to BE ACCOMPLISHED BY GOD." The scripture says it is accomplished BY GOD! We're not debt free and celebrating this momentous moment in our lives because of my or Kevin's works but because God accomplished them for us.God knew this challenge was coming and He prepared us every step of the way. Celebrating the end of this challenge is celebrating the accomplishments of God! And that's my favorite part of today. 

Thank you Lord, for walking us through every season of paying off our college debt over the last five years. Today, we celebrate YOU and what you've accomplished through us. We praise you God! You are good. You call on your children to do big things and you help us get there. Thank you for foriving my sin and for making me clean. Thank you for the millions of second chances you give us. Lord, today may you be honored. May the words that I speak and the thoughts that I meditate on today bring you praise. Praise You God for all your works are good! Amen

So many thanks to Saxon for our photos!
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