Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Sneak Peak

My sweet SIL is getting MARRIED this weekend! My, where oh where has time gone??? I posted about her fun wedding shower here but I'm super excited to share some sneak peaks of the wedding day, if I get a chance to. This will be the second wedding that Kevin and I have had the honor of both being in. Which is just really fun to do together. I've got a navy blue dress, he's got a navy blue tie and we're both itching for wedding day to watch that pretty lady walk the aisle!

In related news, Kevin and I have been working up a little project and decided to take our first stab at the idea with her wedding. I'm not yet ready to give you the full dibs on it but hopefully, I will someday soon!! Until then, you can catch what we've been up to on my instagram. We've been posting little graphics leading up to her wedding. Last night was totally different and I had such fun making it. We're five days (well yesterday, we were, today is FOUR!) out so here's a peak about what we've been up to:

4 days and we'll be pulling out our dance moves...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Coral, Mint and Navy Brunch Shower

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure, and sweet honor of throwing my sister in love a wedding shower. It's crazy to think about the young teen I met nearly seven years ago has grown into such a lovely, young lady ready to walk an aisle into forever.

As I've done for past showers (see the rustic shower here, oh and their invitation suite, and the couples shower here and here), I crafted the wedding shower in their wedding colors. So far, brides have loved this because it fits with their wedding vision and gives them decor/etc for the wedding day too.

We planned on a brunch theme even though it was later in the afternoon. I just had to attempt some mini chicken and waffles and also this cute donut hole tower. Loved the mini chicken and waffles but that donut tower was way harder than I imagined. Yall, don't do it, not worth it. ;)

We played the "newlywed game" while they opened gifts. It's such a fun way to allow guests to interact with the couple and for the couple to not feel so much pressure while opening gifts. There were some other activities here and there too, like this one. Mostly, we enjoyed time altogether and cheerily chatted about the upcoming wedding day!

Much thanks to the sweet ladies who helped put this lovely afternoon together, Valerie and Jennifer, this wouldn't have happened without you!

What's been your favorite part of a couples shower?

Curious about some of the inspiration? Check out my wedding showers pinterest board.
Fun fact, these are my favorite diy lately for showers!
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