Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Goals

Images from the month of March

Starting tomorrow we are exactly one month away from our big vacation for the year. We've been looking forward to this one for over two years and I can't believe it's just at our fingertips now! 


We were gifted a time share there, plus Kevin was able to utilize miles from his work travels, so that meant all we had to purchase was my plane ticket there. Of course, all the activities/food is on us too but we've been anticipating this trip for a while and thus have been happily saving up for it. We're beginning our trip to the island with some time in LA with one of our best friends. So, yall have any LA suggestions?? I'm really hoping we get on Ellen (yes, we applied for tickets), but I'm not sure that's going to pan out...but I'm this close to sending her an email a day till I know for sure. 

So with this trip upcoming, much of my April goals are relevant to the vacation.

But first, a look back at March Goals:
*Purchase the face moisturizer cream! I went to do this with a gift card from Ulta but was disappointed in the options, I had a sample from Sephora that I liked so I just might need to get back there.
*Stay on track with fitness/eating...2 months to Hawaii! I'm happy to report this was accomplished! I'm officially 26 pounds down from my highest weight last year!
*Plan weekend for friends coming to visit us. This was so fun. We enjoyed spending time with our sweet friends and their little babe. We went to the zoo, walked on campus and ate some yummy food. We miss them! See pictures above.
*Work with a friend on organizing the IF Table I'm going to cross this one off because we did chat and organize who we'd like to invite but unfortunately we didn't schedule the first date. But that's okay! We made progress and that's what counts.
*Stick to my home cleaning schedule.I spent time making a cleaning calendar for the  year and then plugged what I needed to accomplish weekly into my planner...this has been a game changer! We're four months into the year and I think this plan is going to have to be a yearly thing I do. I'm loving it.
*Organizer recipe binder: clean out, add new & edit I sorta did this and sorta didn't. There's more to do but I did get maybe half of my goal done for this so I'm going to cross it out and come back to it another month, maybe in June haha.
*Try at least two new recipes that I've pinned, dinners or desserts Yes! I tried Liz's Avocado truffles, I made Danish 
Smørrebrød for Easter with healthy deviled eggs; I tried making pico de gallo(mom's recipe) for the first time on my own and was told it was amazing; and we tried some Dashing Dish recipes (side note, I just scored her cookbook for $5 from Mardel!)
*Get back on track with Kevin on doing our weekly prayer journal Nope...

*Choose a date for the first IF Table with girlfriends.
*Buy that darn face moisturizer...any recommendations???
*Try and get back into the prayer journal with Kevin, even if just one week!
*Plan out our Houston wkend (NEXT wkend!)...I'm going HOME to Htown yall!
*Stick to healthy eating/ working out...drop four pounds
*Consistently choose Jesus time....I was recently convicted on the amount of time I spend working out versus the amount of time I spend in the Word. I want to be conscious about evenly dividing both and being in prayer during some work outs. 
* Pay off another loan. I should have put this in the past month goals. In January we had a goal to pay off ONE  big loan by our trip to Hawaii, God is so gracious and not only have we paid off that one but we've paid off THREE others, and are on track to pay off another one this month..that's FIVE. God's dreams are always bigger and better.
*Run a 10K, no walking, it's been a while since I've gotten back into "long" distance running since my half marathon. I actually ran a 10K last weekend unintentionally but we did stop a bit (text messages were coming in like crazy) but this week no checking messages, just running!
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