Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Bit on Marriage

wedding pictures circa 2012 by our talented photographer Anna with Birds&Coffee

So blogger was weird, and this didn't show up with the video of today, here it is!

Our church does video stories on individuals, couples, and families. For nearly eight years I've watched these videos, often times with tears in my eyes, of both joy and sorrow. Those videos are among my favorite things our church does. A month back, the college team (of which we serve weekly at) asked us to be interviewed for a video about us. US! I was both excited and nervous about it and totally unprepared. They gave us a list of question to discuss the night before, and to be blatantly honest, we argued our way through the first two questions and then had to give up for a few minutes to cool off. After space, and praying together we approached the questions again. They were hard. It's one thing to enjoy marriage together and feel like we're doing a "good job" at it, it's entirely different thing to explain your heart behind marriage. The words just didn't seem right sometimes. I swear the interview was even more disjointed than our conversation the evening before yet God found ways to interject our mess of words. Plus those video master/creatives sure did quite the creative work to put together one cohesive video of us. Click here to watch it.

A little side thought on marriage,
Nicole wrote about how she's been working to put her marriage first, directly in front of herself in order to be grateful and intentionally mindful of caring for her marriage daily instead of letting the waiting take over the current. SO MUCH YES! Starting last fall I allowed myself to become unhealthily obsessed with the amount of college debt we still had yet to pay off and what that meant for our future. Ie: waiting on x, y and z till it's paid off. It brought me to tears too many times and it broke me for a little while. Then one day, the stress, the focus, the obsessiveness of the "waiting until/for ___," came to a stop and God replaced it with serene peace. He brought to my eyes the current once again. The now. I want so badly to enjoy the now. It's part of my new years resolutions and it's been something Kevin and I have been focusing on more since last fall as a couple. We are here in Oklahoma right now for the purpose of magnifying God, in the lives of those that are near us now, here. In this season of now, we want to invest deeper into those lives and this marriage that God has given us. Marriage is a gift. Where we are and the people we call friends, it's all a gift. I want to cherish those gifts, not take them for granted and look toward the next new thing, After all, this life is worth nothing if are not making it about CHRIST! Those things we're waiting for, those are insignificant to the waiting of Jesus' return.


  1. This is so sweet! And how cool is the video they made with you?? That's something you guys will treasure for a long time! :) I think your last two sentences are really the key--that's what our lives are all about!

  2. What an awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!! <3


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