Friday, February 26, 2016

10 Man Things I Didn't Know

I grew up in an all girl home. My daddy worked a lot and so it was basically my mommy, sisters and I almost 24/7. The four of us loved all things girly, and as a result I tended towards female relationships even as I got older. I've told people many times that I had little to basically no real guy friends in high school, but they tend to not believe me. It's a tad of an exaggeration as I did have a few but really  there was not one that I would regularly hang out with outside of school/church. Let's put it this way, if you go through my high school scrapbooks, you only see guys in the senior prom/camp pictures. 

When I got to college I made several guy friends and it was a blast! I'm so thankful for those friendships, some of which I still have today. I learned so much and will forever cherish the friendship all those gentlemen gave me. Still my understanding of "man things," both general and interest/hobby orientated were quite limited. Since getting married I've learned a great deal of man things, and so here is my list, though not comprehensive, it's a collection of my favorite lessons I've learned.

#1 toilet paper isn't necessary

I guess I had probably heard this at some point, but I was still(am still?) shocked that men generally don't use toilet paper. I have nothing more to say on this other than it's ridiculous.

#2 sports teams aren't in the same place forever

I think my dad would like to shun me for my lack of sports knowledge, joking. But, basically growing up I loved the Astros and Rockets and knew very little of any other teams outside of them, shout out to the Texans, sorry guys I followed you less but you're my home team always. I had no idea that 1. Sports teams re-located from time to time and 2. How much of a big deal it was for teams to re-locate, this is still mind boggling to me. If the Astros/Rockets/Texans ever left Houston I'm not sure how I'd handle it. ;)

#3 sport jerseys have their own fashion world

Kevin regularly reads and watches trends about jerseys that teams wear. In fact, as I sit here writing this he's reading an article on some team's new jersey design. If that were considered fashion forward, Kevin is so far more fashion forward than I. Before getting married, I pretty much only noticed teams wore their colors, not what the outfit looked like or the fonts, or the length or the stripes...and on and on it goes. Over time I've learned to join in on jersey observations with Kevin. I have to say, it can be rather interesting, though I doubt I'll ever notice when a team changes things up without Kevin notifying me.

#4 if things aren't where they were last, they're lost forever

I wish I had a quarter for every time Kevin lost something "forever" and it turns out to be in the next door cabinet. I learned that if something wasn't exactly where he thought it was in his mind, he immediately assumed it was lost. Y'all, so many good stories! Many of which will remain some of my all time favorite newlywed memories. Truthfully, Kevin has done better at looking around more, but still this one had to make the list because it truly shocks me every time.

some of my favorite men: grandpa, mom's fiance, sister's bf, almost new brother, husband

#5  sports teams are a business

I know, a lot of this is sports related, sorry but I married a sports fanatic. This makes logical sense, I know, but before Kevin, I really hadn't thought one bit about the business side of any sports team. Business transactions are taken for virtually every involved item, from the type of turf on the field (I just learned the one they put in for the Super Bowl was specifically grown for this purpose for over a year), to the electronics used by the coaches. It's an entire world that I had never even considered!

#6 conditioner isn't necessary

Honestly, I learned this one back when I was babysitting. I used conditioner in a little boy's hair one night, and his mom was surprised how smooth her son's hair was the next day. We used conditioner in his hair ever after. I was shocked when I learned Kevin didn't use conditioner. Not too long into marriage, I convinced Kevin of the need for conditioning his hair. This lasted for exactly one bottle worth of conditioner. Once it was gone, a new one never came back. I consider this one a lost cause which I need not worry much about.

#7  crumbs, what crumbs?

If I had to pin-point it, I'd venture to say most of our arguments have been over cleaning or rather the lack of cleanliness in our home, notably the kitchen. I've come to learn that Kevin simply does not see the crumbs on the counter. Simply put, I won't ever be able to understand this.

#8 hints are of no help

I believe this conversation topic has been covered in a million different ways in the world yet it makes the list because it is something I still have to learn. A tough lesson when you come from a home of all-girls who can basically read your mind. Dear self, don't hint, just say it flat out. Go ahead, pull the obvious card. You'll both be glad for it. 

#9 shopping is fun for them

My daddy rarely went shopping with us. I recall doing mommy's Christmas shopping, and him approving some dance dresses in stores, but otherwise my dad just watch the fashion show when we'd come home from shopping, yes that happened. I fully anticipated Kevin to equally dislike shopping. Kevin, not only willingly goes shopping with me, but also seems to en,joy it! We've done home/project/clothing/etc shopping together and he is now my favorite shopping partner. As a side note, you'd not want to join us on a project shopping venture...I swear Home Depot has been the starting place for at least half our arguments.

 men have great love and show it
I used to always think I'd be the more "lovey" one in a relationship. I was surprised to learn how heart-flipping-happy Kevin is to be romantic and sweet with me. In fact, I'm fairly certain he is more so than myself. Kevin sings songs about us, makes us graphics to remember milestones, leaves me notes in the house (like when I came home to Cinderella notes, or the time Taylor swift lyrics adorned the table like a chandelier), and plans special one on one time for us. Kevin gives my heart the butterflies all the time. I hope I only do the same for him.

And the biggest thing I learn daily is just how much I love and adore the man God gave me!


  1. hahahaa! I was a little late learning about the TP, too.

    But oh, the sports one. Sean HATES the Colts because they used to be Baltimore's team. Despite the fact that it all went down 3 months before he was born, his dad has a grudge, so he has one too.

  2. Aww! The last one is so sweet. My husband is way more romantic than me too. It inspires me to try harder though! Although I think #s 4,7,&9 differ from guy to guy. My husband notices EVERYTHING. I love that when I lose something, I can ask him where it is and he knows 85% of the time. It's crazy. He doesn't care about sports though, thank goodness! And you are so right about #8 - whispering, too!! You have to just come right out and say something for him to get it.

  3. Aww, this was really sweet! I don't use conditioner, either, since I keep my hair so short. I've learned a lot more about soccer and running since I married Angel, but he doesn't follow any other sports so I remain just as blissfully ignorant as before!

  4. So glad you wrote this!

    It still amazes me every time Adam says "we are out of TP again?!". Yes, we are dear - I work from home and use it every time I step foot in the bathroom. haha. Boys.

    And to #6 - I'm lucky if I can get Adam to use something other than bar soap to wash his hair. Shampoo? Conditioner? What are those?!

  5. You make some good points! I remember the moment I came to that realisation about TP... Malcolm was moving out of his place I needed the toilet, only afterwards did I realise there wasn't any paper because he'd packed it. I was so annoyed with him for not telling me, but he looked so innocent and was like... "what? you need TP EVERY time?!"
    Surprisingly, since we've been married I think I've bought one bottle of conditioner, we just share shampoo :)


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