Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Samantha has given me the bug to start writing again on this little blog. So when I read through Victoria's post, I got the itch to follow the link-up she joined. On a side note, if you don't follow and love Victoria's blog, you need to! I'm convinced we'd be great friends if we ever get the chance to meet. Love her.

What we're eating this week...  I made spaghetti squash this week so that and brussel sprouts have been my lunches, dinners have been salads and other leftovers. I cooked so much last week! I've been working on re-organizing my pinterest food board, and now I'm so excited to start trying out some of the healthy recipes on there.

What I'm reminiscing about... 2015. Man, I've been reminiscing about last year since new years day. It's almost like I'm having a hard time letting go of that year, it was so full of God's faithfulness and surprises. I think it'll be a year I will always remember for that. 

What I'm loving... navy blue velvet curtains. I'm totally infatuated with them and am utterly convinced they need to be in our bedroom. This is both excellent and frustrating. I've never liked our currents, they were a we-got-married-and-now-need-curtains-to-block-the-street-light-out-our-apartment-window curtains, so I'm thrilled that I've finally found something I really love. On the other hand, the ones I've been eyeing are just so dang expensive. Dear West Elm, have a BIG sale on your curtains please.

What we've been up to... we've been watching quite a few puppies while friends go out of town lately, I'm using it as an extra source of income to put towards our college debt, a major goal this year is to pay off more than ever before. It's been fun watching Paisley interact with different pups though. Some she's just LOVED playing with and others, she puts on her granny-pants and sits in her bed ignoring the pup. You know how people say your kids do what you do, I worry that my dog does what I do- impatient/likes alone time/grumpy when hungry.....whoops.

What I'm dreading... I really can't think of anything right now...other than, if the winter season sticks around too long...I hate the cold.

What I'm working on... I've been working, slowly, through a scrapbook with Project Life for our trip to visit Samantha. It's been so fun to remember all those moments that were truly a blast! We've also been slowly re-working our bedroom, the last room in the house that hasn't been touched since the day we moved in together, basically.

What I'm excited about... two BIG things. 1. We're headed to Florida SOON to see my family. Florida is a win and family is a win. I haven't seen my family since last Christmas. 2. Kevin and I have been planning a retreat for our small group over Valentine's weekend. Yall, I'm so excited about this. I've been dreaming of doing this for well over a year now, and I can't believe we're finally here. The cabin has been booked, the schedule set, and now Kevin and I just have some details and surprises to work out. I'm so excited!

What I'm watching/reading... well there's the Bachelor, of course, and Modern Family...basically my two favorite television shows right now. Oh! Downton Abby's last season too! I've been reading through Jen Hatmaker's For the Love. Such freedom from that book, I'm loving it.

What I'm wearing... tights with skirts and dresses because pants get old, and I only have so many shirts that can be worn to work with leggings. Today, I've got on a J.Crew khaki skirt with BCBG tights, Bandolino black booties,  black shirt turtlneck from Ann Taylor and a green cardigan from Target. I bought only one of those items. See the outfit.

What I'm doing this weekend... sweet, sweet time with my family. 

What I'm looking forward to next month... Gosh, hands down the Valentines Retreat I wrote about above. Also, Kevin and I have planned a date night to go get some seafood and start really planning our Hawaii vacation. Insert heart eyes emojii about both of these.

What else is new... Basically, just normal life. Learning to trust God through big decisions, and dream more, and prepare my heart more to hear Him, and to pray specifically. I loved this part of a message I listened to from Matt Chandler this week: "God is infinitely powerful, and intensely personal"

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Body, Marriage, Travel and Home Reflections

2015 was such a full and wonderful year, we may be a month into 2016 already but when I read The Cream to My Coffee's post recapping her year and looking forward to the next, I just had to copy her. I think 2016 will see some blogging but probably the continued theme of just random times. I want to write when I feel the Lord inspiring me, and when it doesn't take away from time with my husband, or friends. This year I'm working to strengthen friendships around me. So this little place will continue to take a back seat but I'm grateful to always have it here.


My body was a wave of emotions for me in 2015. I began the year frustrated and down about my in-ability to lose weight. I felt so big and so lost. I slowly began sharing more, praying more specifically, and really listening to the Lord's role in this part of my life. On the week I finally commanded His presence in control, the enemy's hold left and I lost four pounds. As the year would pass, I'd lose a total of 22 pounds, a couple pounds less than my wedding day. My confidence is stronger and my understanding of health and fitness is greater. I wrote a whole lot more in this post. I pray that I remember 2015 for the work God did in my body. I also ran my first half marathon, a goal I never imagined I'd make, and I'm pretty amazed by what the human body can do. God created quite the amazing creation in our bodies.
My bestie, Samantha, wrote about her journey here, I loved her post so yall should read it!

This year I am still going strong on my health and fitness plans. I've got a few more pounds to go till my goal weight. I'm really hoping to feel spectacular in my new bikinis for our trip to Hawaii in May. I'm also continually working on my heart in this area. I want to be confident in myself because of the work God has done in me. And I'm also hoping that I can encourage other women that they can reach their fitness goals when they're laced with God.


Kevin and I grew a lot over the last year. We had hard conversations, and shed a number of tears. But we also spent many evenings joyfully. We made a goal to make more of our evenings together and we did a pretty good job of it but there's still room for growth here. I think our marriage in 2015 could be summarized by understanding each other better. I feel like we "grew up" some more last year and it brought to light many things in the future that used to feel far and now feel much closer. I'm proud of the tough conversations we had. I worked on being more honest, and Kevin worked on responding more clearly. I'm so thankful for this man.

A general goal is to continue working on making more of evenings together, we recently purchased a puzzle so that's some new fun. I want to work on loving Kevin better through words this year, a love language of his that I feel I can be better at. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord grows us as we work through a marriage devotional series in our small group.


My goodness. When 2015 began we were sitting in our closet, in tears about the potential to travel for a month or several months to Copenhagen, Denmark. Things escalated rather quick and before we knew it, by God's amazing work, Kevin and I found ourselves walking the streets of Copenhagen, on a jet plane to Paris for 27 hours, and catching a train to Sweden. We crossed three countries off the travel list we had yet toe ever create, we had yet to even imagine. We also were able to travel down to see family and friends in the Dallas area several times. Catch up on all our Denmark adventures and my top favorites of Copenhagen here.

Two and half years ago my mom and her now-fiancee told us that we would be receiving his time share in Hawaii in 2016. We thanked them of course but didn't think much of it because, hello, two and half years yall. But here we are, 2016 is here, and the promise has remained in tact. We bought Kevin's plane ticket with his travel miles, purchased mine and set the dates for the time-share. My sister and her boyfriend get to some with us too. Another trip we never anticipated taking in the foreseeable future is happening and it's all because of gifts the Lord has given us. We are inexplicably excited and thankful. We are also heading to Florida soon to see my family, I might take a trip to Nashville, and we might sneak in a weekend in Houston, and New needless to say this year is filling right up with trips. Travel is one of our favorite things and we're looking forward to dreaming more travels up this year for the years to come.

Photo credit: the talented Katie Donnelly


We celebrated two year in our duplex this year, and we still love it here. Kevin helped me swap the layout of the living room, much to my surprise. I was also able to complete my craft room, my atelier, and it's my happy place. I love re-arranging and re-organizing our little home. As Charlotte Lucas said, "it is a true pleasure running my own home."

This year we're working on making our master bedroom more designed. It's always been a hodge-podge of things, cheap things we found when we got married, and things we settled on when we really needed black out curtains at the old place. I've got my heart set on navy velvet curtains and it's been rather tricky to find some in my price range. I'm hoping our landlord finds it in his heart to replace the flooring on our first floor because my desire to clean the carpet by the back door to Paisley's sunless (ie: mud filled or dirt filled) backyard is over. My favorite place to sit in our home is on our sofa, I love watching the sunlight stream in from the front and back windows there, and I love watching little sleepy Paisley in her bed from there. As long as we're in Norman, and still paying off college debt, I really think we'll stay here.

2016 I pray that I learn to trust God's timing more, to rest in His promises, to choose to celebrate in the present, and to love my husband better than ever before in you.

but before I really say goodbye to 2015, my favorite posts of 2015:

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