Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Morning by Morning

Life lately has been a season full of learning.

One of my favorite simple memories from Denmark were the bright, quiet mornings. Kevin didn't have to go to work until 9am. We'd sleep until the sun gently awoke us, I'd slide out of bed and open the blinds to reveal the full glory of the rising run and lay in the bed cuddled in the blankets as Kevin got ready. Mornings at home look nothing like that, so these were such precious moments and I soaked them up as much as I could.

I've always been a morning person. Growing up I loved getting up before my family and having the house quiet and all to myself. I found the same true when I would spend the night at my friends' homes, My best friend's house was one of my favorites to wake up early in. Sometimes her parents would still be asleep but most of the time her mom was up and awakening the kitchen, and sometimes her dad would play the piano softly. I loved those mornings.

Every day you are to provide a year old lamb without defect for a burnt offering to the Lord; morning by morning you shall provide it...So the lamb and the grain offering and the oil shall be provided morning by morning for a regular burnt offering. Ezekiel 46:13&15

I think we have a tendency to discredit the Old Testament sometimes. The sacrificial offering rituals were taken away when God gave us the perfect offering of Jesus on the cross yet there is still much to learn from those stories of sacrifices.

Morning by morning the people awoke with intentions to offer a lamb, offer their day, to the Lord showing Him respect and honor. Yall, wow. That had to take some intense intentionality and I'm certain time. I read that verse and was floored by the dedication God was calling them to. It caused me to consider what I do daily to offer God that respect and honor. How do my mornings reflect intentionality to prepare for offering the new day to my Jesus?

The lesson that I find myself learning over and over so often is being intentional. Intentional with my mornings, and my whole day...because bottom's God's new morning, it's God's new day.

In our small group, we've been discussing often what it looks like everyday to choose Christ in our varied workplaces. Do you show joy? Do you participate in gossip? Do you represent hope? Do you encourage unity? Do you demonstrate love? These are the things we've been asking ourselves, these are the things I've been asking myself.

I don't want to waste these days away. If there's something you take away from these tragedies the world is facing right now, realize your days are numbered. You may pass away sweetly in the arms of those you love after a long and well lived life or your life may be horrifically ended. What will you choose to do with each day you've been graciously given?

I encourage you to choose:
to be challenged in your faith
to go deeper in your Bible studies
to seek out knowledge from various teachers
to develope acts of faith
to be self aware (not self absorbed)
to be God centered
to live in confidence
to sow unity
to teach others
because these things will demonstrate Christ!

This list came from a fabulous teacher, Amy Little, as she taught on Hebrews 6 to a group of women on Monday night. I soak up her words every time I'm privileged to hear her speak. 
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