Monday, October 12, 2015


My goodness, what a terrific weekend I am coming off from. The blog has been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks, but my home has been anything but. We've had a full home, and our guest room has never been happier. Hospitality is SO my thing. It's been such a delight to have people here.

My favorite person that's been here? SAMANTHA! This girl, took time away from work, spent money on a plane tickets and came to see ME here in Oklahoma! I couldn't even believe she chose to gave so much time and resources to come to me. We spent SO much one on one time together, it was heart warming, smile giving, and conversation filled.

I am hoping to share more of a breakdown of what we did here in OKC/Norman and Tulsa. We hit up much of this list, but we also took a day trip to Tulsa, where we got a seriously fantastic tour from Tours of Tulsa. Guys, go to Tulsa and take a tour with them, you don't regret it.

As I drove Samantha to the airport we chatted about some of our favorite moments and quickly realized, every moment was a favorite. I don't want to forget one minute of it, but here are some highlights:

morning pj chats
doing tone-it-up videos together for the first time
long conversations in the car
laughing uncontrollably at the mexican restaurant
dinner at zoe's
exploring the philbrook together
walking till our feet cried
giving her a tour of my beloved university

Want to catch a sneak peek at our adventures? You can find our posts on instagram under #TealandPinkReunion or follow me or follow Samantha

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  1. How great that you had so much time together. Sounds like lots of fun!


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