Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blog Friends Turned Forever Friends

Samantha left on Sunday and I've missed her ever since. Also, since then my allergies have blown way out of control. I can't hardly breathe, and yesterday I spent my work day sneezing gobs of snot onto my desk, too much information? Sorry, I can't even. So, spending time flipping through our smiling faces and fun adventures has been the only thing keeping me going, well and my sweet husband who is the best care taker to this baby-ie:me.

On our final two days, we explored OKC and Norman. While this part wasn't new to me like our tour of Tulsa was, it sure was fun to take Samantha around "my stomping grounds," I got to show her much of just my normal life, and that was the best part.

We slept in a little on Saturday morning, and began the day at a Norman favorite, Syrup. We did a teeny bit of shopping on Main Street, and then we went into OKC. We took the tour of the Overholser Mansion, and then pretty much popped around the city, checking out various places from this post.

On Sunday, we spent the morning talking in bed, just relaxing. It was possibly, my favorite part of her trip. We did the Tone It Up BFF workout together, finally. And the husband took a pretty stinkin' fun instagram video of it. We did a light breakfast at home and spent the rest of the early afternoon showing off campus and munching on Hurt's Donuts, gourmet donuts=a good idea always. We wrapped up her time with a little craft project, of course.

Tone it Up girls!

Our celebration dinner...between the two of us, 29 pounds have been lost over the last year!

Doing work outs everywhere we go

New to Passion, Pink and Pearls?
I "met" Samantha through blogging, three years ago. Over a year ago, we finally met in person in her home town, Virgnia. This year she came to see me for a girl weekend. Never underestimate the power of friendships made through blogging dear ones! You can meet your best friend!


  1. Poor lonely Kevin....the pic of just him in this mix cracks me up!

  2. aw looks like such a fun visit and congrats to both of you on the fab weight loss!

  3. I approve 100% of all the places you took her! It made me kind of excited to show off okc/norman to friends!


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