Friday, September 11, 2015

Sappy Happy

Yall I can never get enough of our Paris photos
Katie Donnelly rocks my socks of!!

I'm so excited it's Friday! Husband has the day off so that means when I get home around noon today he'll already be home. Cue sappy happy smiles. Lucky me gets him home for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! That's a three day weekend. I'll take a three-day-weekend over our usual one-day as often as I can get it.

Tonight, we've got plans to go learn a little swing dancing. The Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC has had a few free events this summer and sadly this is the only one we'll have had taken advantage of. Dancing with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. One day, I plan to enroll us in some ballroom dancing classes because otherwise we only dance at weddings, well and of course those random dance sessions that happen at home.

Kevin and I are not usually very adventurous in trying new things on the weekend, especially those that are "all the way" up in the city. Most Friday nights you can find us leading our life group in Bible study, and laughing a good number of calories off during the game time. But if it isn't a life group Bible study night, a Friday night at home includes a movie and a hot bath for me. Then again, that's a good night any day for me. 

Tomorrow, we'll be cheering on our Sooners for another WIN hopefully. Did you miss our football party this week? Husband is pretty pumped about RedZone coming back on Sunday. I'm pretty excited to get back into scrapbooking. I finally decided to take the plunge and do a project life book. I'm giving myself a new goal of completing our 2014 vacation book by the time Samantha gets here since that was when we first met face to face. That's approximately a month. 

I've also got to get in my running this weekend in order to stay on track for training for my half marathon. I still can't believe that I've signed up to run 13 miles. It's even more mind blowing to me that I've run as far as 9.5 miles. High-school-me would have laughed in your face, if you what have told me that I'd be running voluntarily that much. My how things can change.

On a more serious note, it has been 14 years since that dreadful day in NYC, 9/11. 14 years ago my mom picked me up from the 6th grade earlier than usual as we had been dismissed from school with no explanation. My mom was solemn in the car. I don't remember her telling me what happened but I do remember watching it unfold on the television, on replay. A moment that is now forever in our history books. Spend some special time today for the families so deeply wounded by that day my friends.

Friday Faves:
Samantha blogged about her fitness journey, it reminded me of my story and how much of a part she played in it. So thankful for her!
Jimmy Fallen has some seriously impressive dance moves.
Also, Jimmy Fallen and JT are my favorites.
Swimming with sea turtles is now on my must-do/see list for Hawaii.
I'm considering getting this planner for next year.
I'm excited to start the new Tone It Up Fall challenge, any of you joining?
It's been fun participating in the #blogtemberchallenge but I think the first day was my favorite so far.

Happy Friday! What are yall up to this weekend?


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  2. Ah I loved dance lessons with Malcolm - even though a fair amount of our arguments originate on the dance-floor ;) Hope you enjoyed it!!


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