Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ideal Days

I think my perception of an ideal day has changed greatly over the last couple of years. In years' past I might have simply said the beach. Next question.

Now, though, I think my ideal day would look different. It would include my favorite things,  like the beach, but more than that it would include my favorite people. Before my ideal days would have just been composed of the what. Now, more importantly, they include the who.

My ideal days are also a little more realistic and attainable. My desires in an ideal day are simplified and do-able. After all, ideal days should be able to happen once in a while, or even better often! 

I've learned to value days differently over the last year. I've learned to value moments with people differently over the last year. I've learned that each day is a stupendous gift from the Lord! I've learned that I need to make each day count and not underestimate the various opportunities I'm given.

So an ideal day, in the here and now, would be simply time with my husband, puppy, best girlfriends and this fabulous group that I've been immensely privileged to lead. And because it breaks down so easily to this, there are many ideal days I would create. So I decided to put together my top three:

one: I'd choose to have a Saturday off with Kevin so we could sleep in together and slowly awaken to the sight of the sunrise peaking through our curtains, a little luxury that we hardly ever get since he works Saturdays. We'd have cuddle time and breakfast in our pjs on the sofa. We'd take our puppy girl on a run or walk, and let her swim in her favorite little lake. After some time of relaxing at home, probably watching a movie, we'd get cleaned up. Then we would enjoy a meal out, or at one our homes, with our life group.

In all likelihood, our upcoming Saturday will look a lot like the above. This is why I choose this kind of ideal day. It's realistic and doesn't leave me living on a wish. This is a dream that I get to live out!

two: A full day with my husband. Enjoying all those little things and going out to try some new things too. No where to be. No one to have to check in with. No things on our to-do list. Just us and whatever our little hearts take us.

This coming Labor Day will likely look much like this. It's what we "plan on" doing. Us time. Whatever happens, happens but most importantly, our schedules have been left open for Monday so we can enjoy whatever comes our way, as long as we're together.

 threeA morning with Kristina chatting and making some deliciously healthy meals. We'd bake a sweet later because that's what we're best at. We're working on exercising more and more so for fun, let's throw in that we'd work in some physical activity. Next, exploring! Kristina is my go-and-do-anything friend. She's always up for any random adventure I've conjured up. My ideal days with Kristina are so varied, but they always include good conversation and some time in one way or another with our missing 2 partners, Emily and Kayla.

Just last weekend, I called up my Kristina for a Friday night adventure. We decided to venture out into OKC and checked out some of the outdoor markets in Midtown. If I were talking more specifically about the "what" of ideal days, shopping some little shops would probably be in there. The weather was delightful and some of those shops just stole our hearts. And while we're on this subject matter, I'm extra stoked to announce that I got to meet the fabulous ladies behind Touies Design while we there! We've been working on a little surprise coming your way, probably next week, and I can't wait to reveal it!!! I've been dreaming this up all week. I'll just say this, it's football time in Oklahoma yall! But back to Kristina and I, we walked the shops, checked out the street fair starting to take shape and ended the night with double scoop ice cream cones, and our favorites, Emily and Kayla on face time. A great night.

Here's a sneak peak from that night, and some shots of Touies Design shop! What's your favorite party?! I'm just gushing over much of what they've created!

Ideal isn't perfect. Ideal, for me, is experiencing something in the best way, with a full and joyful heart.


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  1. those sound like lovely days....and I'm in love with that gold heart mug!

  2. yes to sleeping in on Saturdays with the hubs! also, I LOVE outdoor downtown markets. always the best. ever.

  3. I agree including your favorite people on an ideal day makes it so much richer!


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