Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Host a Football Watch Party

Yall this weekend was fan-freakin-tastic! Who's with me?! Kevin and I spent sweet time with friends, got a lot of relaxing together time and spent a good amount of time outdoors being active. It was wonderful and I can't believe it's Tuesday already.

Among my favorite moments from the weekend was our football watch party for the opening game of the season for our SOONERS! Party throwing is one of my favorite things to do. You can catch some of the past ones at the end of this post. As I've mentioned in the past, hospitality is a biggie for me. Growing up, our home was always bustling with people. We literally hosted a baby shower in our home for a couple we didn't even know. If there was a reason to party, people were at our home, the homemade milkshakes were flowing, the pool was full, and the food was plenty. I loved those days in my childhood home. Our whole family did.

When Kevin and I first got married, I immediately started having people over. Kevin didn't love it at first but he quickly realized this was something I cared passionately about. We held several parties in our first home which was all of 600 sq ft, and had the smallest living room you can possibly imagine. Now, we're in a duplex which is double the size of that first town-home but still doesn't have a very large living room (you better believe a big living room is going to make the home priority list when we go to buy). It hasn't stopped me from throwing all kinds of parties.

So with the Sooners football season opening this last weekend on pay-per-view, throwing a watch party was a MUST. Much like a tailgate party, a watch party requires only a few basics: food, drinks, more food and LOTS of spirited decorations.

Hosting a football watch party breaks is all about the pre-game. So here are my tips for hosting your own watch party!

Make the Play Book.
Make an action plan. What do you plan on making? How many people do you plan on serving? Is everyone bringing some food to pitch in? What will they bring? How will you invite people? I love this idea!  ---bottom line. Organize and everything will go smoothly!

Prep the Field.
In order to keep my to-dos to a minimum I planned on setting up a feature table and keeping everything else on other tables/counters in our home. This feature table turned out to be a couple sawhorses with a piece of plywood on top. I draped it with a white linen tablecloth and no one even knew it wasn't a true "table."
I re-worked the living room room to move in more seating, even pulling our usual dining table into the area, and adjusted the usual "dining room" to be open for people to access food easily.

Party of your play book work will be to decide on the foods you'll make and then determining how/when to do what. I prepped most of the food ahead of time so it would easily pop into the oven come time. Tip: choose simple foods that are easy to make and easy to eat. Think finger foods! We did  mini pizzas, I made some simple layered cake "footballs"(used a cookie cutter) and this cheesy chip dip (which I added artichoke to).

Shine the Helmets.
Prep your space! Having my one table made it easy for me to gather all my decorations and set them up on the table. You want to choose pieces that have varying heights, texture and of course plenty of your team color/logo. Don't go overboard, you still want the area to function for it's purpose, ie feed/entertain people. Tall pieces and prints should be placed at the back of your table. Layer the table with heights, and bowl/plate types.

I'm a avid DIY-er but when you're hosting the party, there are things you just have to cut out and spending hours creating all those genius little decor details are one of those things. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Touies Design and just about instantly fell in love with their football party supplies. We got to talking and before I knew it, I was meeting the creators face to face. I chose their tumblers (hello, simple yet perfect! These hit the need for a drink container and the pretty, I used simple gold washi tape to stick on each cup for people to write their names), cupcake toppers (which meant there was no need to get fancy with the icing!), paper straws (a simple way to add a bit of embellishment), water bottle labels (that I ended up using to decorate containers with instead), and finally a beautiful print for a touch of pretty. A mix of specific OU things and crimson colored items allowed for a really pretty display!

Take the Field
The best part of parties are enjoying them! So pop that food in the oven as people start arriving, put it out and then enjoy the party. Keep it simple and just relax while you watch. Give yourself the freedom to put your own feet up. If you're comfortable, your guests will be comfortable too!

What do you do to host football watch parties?!


Note: Touies Design has MORE than just OU gear friends! I think the best part of their shop is that their items are colored themed, not logo crazy. This means you can get the red gear and it can be used for Oklahoma, Alabama, A&M...etc I know many of you live in more places than sweet Oklahoma, but that doesn't mean there's not something for you in their shop too! And they have several colors available and I can only imagine more will come. Plus, their gray football t's are just awesome!

-I promise you'll have enough food, if everyone is chipping in, so don't feel the need to double all your recipes!
-Don't worry about people having fun, or having every seat with a perfect shot of the tv...some people will come just to chat and others will make themselves comfy on the floor.
-Keep it simple. Love having a themed party? Awesome! Me too! Choose one place to go all-out. One table. One spot in your living room. You get the idea. Choose one small spot and make it look amazing. Then let the rest of the home just be as is. You'll enjoy it more, your guests will feel comfortable and best yet-you'll have less to pick up after all is said and done!

Past Parties
Duck Baby Shower
Couples Wedding Shower-Navy & Yellow Themed
Couples Wedding Shower- Rustic & Gold Themed
Friendsgiving/Operation Christmas Child Party

(This party was sponsored by TouiesDesign but the party set-up and my opinions are honest. I loved setting up this party, and it was SO much easier having some supplies pre-made and looking amazing. I really loved their products and would totally recommend them to any and all!)

Follow Touies Design on instagram, facebook and twitter to stay up to date on new products and of course coupon codes!

And in reference to today's writing challenge, oh I do adore OU football season, but summer is by far the best season! It speaks to my love of sunshine and outdoor time.
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  1. This is adorable!!! You make me want to host a party tonight! And have you come decorate...;)

  2. Love this! I could use some of this stuff as my team is the Wisconsin Badgers (who lost on Saturday night - boo!). Very cute. :)

  3. This is so cute! Love all the little details. Just don't tell my husband the OSU grad that I said that. :)


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