Friday, September 4, 2015

Football is Back, ALRIGHT!

pics from last fall


Today, husband is wearing his OU red pants and white OU polo, while I've got my OU dress and cardigan on. It's almost the big day. Game day.

I love summer so this comes as a bitter sweet day to me, I know this begins the start to fall days and fall days will eventually bring cool air with them. While I'll enjoy that on my runs for my half marathon training, I'm much more of a sunny-hot-day kind of girl. I'd rather be hot than cold any day.

However, fall also brings OU football,and all football for that matter. I do love keeping up with OU's games. It's so fun living in your alumnae college town. The spirit on game days and through the fall can be felt throughout the city. On game days, if you're shopping at the stores, you're likely to hear to game being played through the speakers. Throughout the week, businesses start painting their windows and putting up OU posters everywhere. And on game day itself, the campus really comes alive with celebration and people. Crimson and cream(white) are everywhere. We've even got our own home all decked out.

We plan on having a number of friends over to watch the first game tomorrow. It's on pay-per-view so hello PARTY! I think it's going to be a full house but I'm stoked. Parties are my favorite. I particularly love putting together the food items and the pretty little decorated table. There are some really fun ideas I've worked up with the Touies girls that I'll be sharing next week. I'm just picturing it all now!

I loved attending the University of Oklahoma and I have a serious passionate pride that runs in me for the school. I may be paying off college loans but I wouldn't trade those loans for those four years in college ever. OU gave so much to my life besides just my career. I made the best friends a girl could ask for at OU, and I met the man of my life there too. I love the school spirit. I love the massive amount of pride. I love the bell turning on every hour on campus. I love the red and white everywhere. It's just awesome and there's really nothing else like it. My passion as an OU alumni is certainly not the only thing I'm passionate about, and definitely doesn't make the top of my list but it's ranked up there. This post does a better job of describing my true passion and dream in this life. So today...
I'm Sooner born
I'm Sooner bred
and when I die I'll be Sooner dead,
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahomaaaaaaa

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  1. you guys are so cute. I've never been much of a football fan since I lived only with my mom growing up but my husband loves his eagles so we are going to a game this month! I've never been to a real football game, how sad is that?!

  2. Love this post! I'm out in California so we really don't have quite the football that you guys have (sad face) but I love that we can still watch on tv at least!

  3. So cute. Your dog is adorable!!! Black lab? I grew up with one and they are the best. Also my sister and brother-in-law live in Oklahoma :)

  4. Yes girl - so excited for college football's return!!

  5. I have a cousin in Oklahoma :)
    Also, I love how you and your hubby are so into football! These pictures are adorable and what a fun thing to bond over :) Your pup is the cutest!


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