Monday, September 14, 2015

A Little Bit of Right Now

Oh friends. My heart is refreshed after another full weekend with my husband. Two weeks in a row now he's had Sunday and Saturday off and I've just loved it. I could get used to having him home both days easy. Maybe one day.

Was the last time I wrote one of these currently posts really a year ago? wow. I used to write these types of posts often. I really like checking in with myself this way and I've always enjoyed reading others. It's like a peek into your regular life that just doesn't usually make it to the blog.

So currently I am...

making...plans for Samantha and I! I can't believe she'll be here in a month!

cooking...protein pancakes & eggs (yes breakfast for dinner on a Sunday night!)- Kodiak's Cakes for the win yall!

reading...I'm finally reading through Bread and Wine -LOVE IT. I usually read a chapter in a bath about once or twice a week. Perfect short chapters that you don't have to read consecutively. I just finishes The Blind Side on audio, and also Paper Towns on audio. Any audio book suggestions friends? They make my drive homes so much better when I don't have someone to chat with. Kevin and I are also reading Dave Ramsey & his daughter's book about teaching kids to manage money. Great book. Loving it.

watching...Kevin has the Cowboys on (welcome back Sunday night football!)

playing...oh I keep adding all my favorites to a super long youtube favorites list but on Pandora Passion Band radio is my JAM! Yall, listen to it, k? (side note, that new cheerleader song makes me want to dance every time, can't get enough)

sewing...I've taken a break from that's been almost a year long. I've decided easy pillows and little banners are my favorites but I'm on a scrapbooking kick right now.

wishing...for dust to just not exist...also my dog's stray hair...that kind of cleaning just drives me nuts sweet husband for being so easy going this weekend. I came home on Friday and asked to work on our little plan for a rock garden (we've got this area at the front door that is too in the shade to grow anything! and we've had this idea for well over a year). I didn't expect him to say yes because we didn't budget for it and because springing projects on him is usually not something he appreciates but to my little ears surprise and delight he said yes! He also took me to the mall on Sunday in between football games and bought me a Gap dress, which we scored for $10! SO thank you sweet man for being the best part about this whole weekend. I love you. the Historic Home Tour next weekend with one of my favorite interior designers. I hope to get some great shots this year to share with all of you! Last time, Holly and I went together.

wearing...Cowboys gear!

feeling...thankful and happy

learning...what it looks like to give up of myself every day to the Lord. running 10 miles this weekend. yes ten. It was hard. I'm also getting excited for Tone it Up's fall challenge. Anyone else joining???

recording...Ellen! Cause she's back! Any other Ellen lovers out there?

What have yall been up to currently??

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  1. EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm waiting for my email with an itinerary hahaha :) Also, yes to Kodiak Cakes!!

  2. Aww, those are the cutest pictures. And I know what you mean about the husband being gone...right now, Angel has kind of a weird schedule, working 6 days a week, but the days are fairly short--still, we don't get one whole day together anymore, and I miss that.

  3. The home tour is always so much fun! I hope you have a blast :)

    I just signed up for some personal training so I may need a friend to help hold me accountable :) I'm not sure I am up for any running but maybe a long walk one of these weekends will be in order.


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