Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Little Bit of Random

Not surprisingly, I've fallen behind on the #blogtember challenge. I'm in my second week of my new work schedule and I'm loving it. I've got some things to adjust, most specifically related to my morning routine, but being able to come home and fix dinner has just been such a delight. Last week, I cam home, put mr frank sinatra on loud and putted around the kitchen with dinner and dishes. It was such a delight. Once this schedule becomes second nature, I'm going to be on a roll.

That pretty girl spent her whole Saturday with me last weekend and we had so much. We went to the Sooner football game and tried a couple of the Tone It Up face masks and body scrubs. We also tried making brownies with black beans...yall this was a win!

Lately, I've found myself in a mode of thankfulness. Let's be real here for a moment. Last week I got yet another call for a hospital debt bill from 2009. Yes, you read that correctly. It's been an an on-going issue that I've mostly just run into brick walls about. It's gone from being taken care of to not. This week I found myself yet again faced with this unfortunate issue. Immediately I felt my body warm and tears begin to well in the corners of my eyes as I sat on the phone with this new person working my debt case.  It took me a good bit to actually respond in a more thoughtful manner as opposed to my most-immediate-human-nature-emotional reaction. I fought the urge to be mad and just let the thoughts of, "this just isn't fair," take flight in my mind. It wasn't easy. When I stepped back though and thought through it, I found things to be thankful for even in this very situation.

I'm super looking forward to my very first studio friend from college being here Friday night and Saturday. We haven't seen each other in a while and we always enjoy checking out new things together. I also have a birthday gift that I picked up for her in Denmark because I totally missed her birthday being there. I can't wait for her to see it. Hi Sarah! See you soon!

Samantha blogged about coming to Oklahoma yesterday and I just skipped and smiled big as I read it. SO STINKIN EXCITED! Man how the Lord has blessed us with a sweet friendship!

And there you have it, super randomness...lots of little started blog post thoughts in one...

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Little Bit of Right Now

Oh friends. My heart is refreshed after another full weekend with my husband. Two weeks in a row now he's had Sunday and Saturday off and I've just loved it. I could get used to having him home both days easy. Maybe one day.

Was the last time I wrote one of these currently posts really a year ago? wow. I used to write these types of posts often. I really like checking in with myself this way and I've always enjoyed reading others. It's like a peek into your regular life that just doesn't usually make it to the blog.

So currently I am...

making...plans for Samantha and I! I can't believe she'll be here in a month!

cooking...protein pancakes & eggs (yes breakfast for dinner on a Sunday night!)- Kodiak's Cakes for the win yall!

reading...I'm finally reading through Bread and Wine -LOVE IT. I usually read a chapter in a bath about once or twice a week. Perfect short chapters that you don't have to read consecutively. I just finishes The Blind Side on audio, and also Paper Towns on audio. Any audio book suggestions friends? They make my drive homes so much better when I don't have someone to chat with. Kevin and I are also reading Dave Ramsey & his daughter's book about teaching kids to manage money. Great book. Loving it.

watching...Kevin has the Cowboys on (welcome back Sunday night football!)

playing...oh I keep adding all my favorites to a super long youtube favorites list but on Pandora Passion Band radio is my JAM! Yall, listen to it, k? (side note, that new cheerleader song makes me want to dance every time, can't get enough)

sewing...I've taken a break from sewing...one that's been almost a year long. I've decided easy pillows and little banners are my favorites but I'm on a scrapbooking kick right now.

wishing...for dust to just not exist...also my dog's stray hair...that kind of cleaning just drives me nuts

thanking...my sweet husband for being so easy going this weekend. I came home on Friday and asked to work on our little plan for a rock garden (we've got this area at the front door that is too in the shade to grow anything! and we've had this idea for well over a year). I didn't expect him to say yes because we didn't budget for it and because springing projects on him is usually not something he appreciates but to my little ears surprise and delight he said yes! He also took me to the mall on Sunday in between football games and bought me a Gap dress, which we scored for $10! SO thank you sweet man for being the best part about this whole weekend. I love you.

going...to the Historic Home Tour next weekend with one of my favorite interior designers. I hope to get some great shots this year to share with all of you! Last time, Holly and I went together.

wearing...Cowboys gear!

feeling...thankful and happy

learning...what it looks like to give up of myself every day to the Lord.

exercising...by running 10 miles this weekend. yes ten. It was hard. I'm also getting excited for Tone it Up's fall challenge. Anyone else joining???

recording...Ellen! Cause she's back! Any other Ellen lovers out there?

What have yall been up to currently??

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sappy Happy

Yall I can never get enough of our Paris photos
Katie Donnelly rocks my socks of!!

I'm so excited it's Friday! Husband has the day off so that means when I get home around noon today he'll already be home. Cue sappy happy smiles. Lucky me gets him home for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! That's a three day weekend. I'll take a three-day-weekend over our usual one-day as often as I can get it.

Tonight, we've got plans to go learn a little swing dancing. The Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC has had a few free events this summer and sadly this is the only one we'll have had taken advantage of. Dancing with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. One day, I plan to enroll us in some ballroom dancing classes because otherwise we only dance at weddings, well and of course those random dance sessions that happen at home.

Kevin and I are not usually very adventurous in trying new things on the weekend, especially those that are "all the way" up in the city. Most Friday nights you can find us leading our life group in Bible study, and laughing a good number of calories off during the game time. But if it isn't a life group Bible study night, a Friday night at home includes a movie and a hot bath for me. Then again, that's a good night any day for me. 

Tomorrow, we'll be cheering on our Sooners for another WIN hopefully. Did you miss our football party this week? Husband is pretty pumped about RedZone coming back on Sunday. I'm pretty excited to get back into scrapbooking. I finally decided to take the plunge and do a project life book. I'm giving myself a new goal of completing our 2014 vacation book by the time Samantha gets here since that was when we first met face to face. That's approximately a month. 

I've also got to get in my running this weekend in order to stay on track for training for my half marathon. I still can't believe that I've signed up to run 13 miles. It's even more mind blowing to me that I've run as far as 9.5 miles. High-school-me would have laughed in your face, if you what have told me that I'd be running voluntarily that much. My how things can change.

On a more serious note, it has been 14 years since that dreadful day in NYC, 9/11. 14 years ago my mom picked me up from the 6th grade earlier than usual as we had been dismissed from school with no explanation. My mom was solemn in the car. I don't remember her telling me what happened but I do remember watching it unfold on the television, on replay. A moment that is now forever in our history books. Spend some special time today for the families so deeply wounded by that day my friends.

Friday Faves:
Samantha blogged about her fitness journey, it reminded me of my story and how much of a part she played in it. So thankful for her!
Jimmy Fallen has some seriously impressive dance moves.
Also, Jimmy Fallen and JT are my favorites.
Swimming with sea turtles is now on my must-do/see list for Hawaii.
I'm considering getting this planner for next year.
I'm excited to start the new Tone It Up Fall challenge, any of you joining?
It's been fun participating in the #blogtemberchallenge but I think the first day was my favorite so far.

Happy Friday! What are yall up to this weekend?

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Guys, it's Thursday and I awoke today feeling so happy for so many sweet little gifts from the Lord. Yesterday, I had a little conversation at my office to adjust my schedule a bit to allow me to be home earlier. I got a yes! Kevin and I have been praying over this, and talking about it a lot of the last three months. It's not a huge change but it'll allow me to be home with time to cook dinner for our little family. I've really missed this part of wifehood over the nearly two years so I'm really excited about the change this will make in our daily lives. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Last night, Samantha (who blogged again recently-hey girl!), confirmed her flight to come visit me NEXT MONTH! Yall I'm so pumped. I don't even know what all we're going to do when she comes but you better bet I'm already planning. I can't believe in just a few weeks she's going to be in my house! The final bit of news I'm beyond amazed to share. Kevin and I booked our flights to HAWAII for next year! It's pretty much a dream come true that we hadn't yet dreamed, gee God you sure do like surprises! We've got a place to stay covered so all we had to do was book the flights. Even better than celebrating that the flights are booked? Celebrating that one of those flights was completely covered with miles! Yep, it's been a good week.

Reading the #blogtemberchallenge posts from yesterday just sent me into constant reminiscing mode. To think back to myself at sixteen and all the little goals I had in my heart then versus now, it's so different. My bucket list items then included going to college and I'm going to guess meeting a boy was probably in there. The list wasn't long and it was pretty narrow minded I'm sure. I had no ideal how much my mind would grow or how much my life would change with the one decision of where I was going to go to college.

It's pretty extraordinary to think back and see all the little things click together. Those are the times you see God's hand so clearly, at least in my opinion. I love reading back through my prayer journals from time to time because I see each prayer answered, not  always in the way I wanted but God did respond to my heart. That is the beautiful part.

Goals and bucket list items are going hand in hand for me now. On a fun note, I seriously want to see baby turtles swim from the shore to the sea. One day, it's going to happen. On an adventurous note, I would love to travel more. Kevin and I are SO excited about our Hawaii trip, and our time in Copenhagen convinced us to celebrate the end of debt with a big European adventure, let's go debt pay off! Speaking of debt, paying off those college loans is a major life goal for us. Other than those rather general things, I don't have much of a bucket list. Mostly, I think my heart desires for this dream more than anything else, and one day we're going to get there.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

High School Me

The week had been such a blurr. Mom and I had frantically tried to prepare me for the PSAT but with only a week of preparing the likelihood of a real successful score was slim to none. Test taking just isn't for me so my short term dream of becoming a National Merit Scholar just needed to end. The last part of the mini exam was a career study. Supposedly, my answers would indicate the type of field I should venture into as an adult. Filling in the bubbles on my scantron felt pointless. I already knew I wanted to be an interior designer. The decision had been made up in my mind only recently but it was firm. There was nothing else I wanted to pursue.

That took place junior year of high school. I was utterly convinced that I wanted to pursue a career in interior design. When senior year came, I was on the path to doing just that. I checked out schools that had the program and began to research them. I sent in five college applications and waited. During the wait, my parents and I read brochures, and visited a couple schools. I had my eyes on Baylor at first, but after a weekend at TCU I fell for the campus. Not too much later, I put my feet on the campus of OU and couldn't believe I felt myself loving it too. Ultimately, I chose OU. The sweet and simple of it was that God closed doors elsewhere. I received five acceptance letters but only one came to me with incredible peace. The day my dad and I pulled out of my home in Spring Branch-Houston, Texas, I felt a part of my life end and a new one begin. It was frightening and exhilarating but becoming an interior designer was now no longer a dream. 

It's crazy to think about high school me. I was talking to my littlest sister, who is now a junior in high school, about how her days are spent. She became a cheerleader last year, something I never would have been brave enough to do back in my high school. She has some fun classes, and I was so boring that I took study hall every semester of every year, getting homework done at school? Yes please. I spent my evenings studying by our pool in my bikini or babysitting and she goes on adventures and spends time at the beach. It's crazy to me that she is now walking a path I've already walked. How friends, where does time go? On the weekends I could generally be found babysitting. I did spent a lot of time with my girlfriends but if a babysitting gig came up, I usually chose that over them, only because I was determined to make my own money. I remember I couldn't wait to get out of high school by senior year, I was so done. My senior year english teacher said, you spend four years here trying to get out and you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get back. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

I get it now.

Not that I want to go back to high school,  quite the contrary, but I do cherish those memories more and more as I "grow up." High school was one of my favorite parts of life. I felt like I was on the set of Boy Meets World all the time,  okay not really but growing up watching that show made me idealize high school. I had a bunch of girlfriends, and never was very close with any guys (reference my scrapbooks). We were each others' whole worlds. 

Every now and then a song comes on that radio that was popular during high school and a memory sparks in my mind. Some of my favorite song related memories are my girlfriends and I jamming out in our cars, windows down and singing into our microphoneshands. High school doesn't last a lifetime, and I don't find myself trying to get back, but the memories I made in high school will stay with me forever.

Reflecting on high school is fun and so sweet for me. If I were to write a letter to myself then I would have simply said to keep on at it. I did my own thing a lot. I wore too many strange outfits. I was most definitely an awkward girl. But, it is all a part of my story and I wouldn't change a thing.

 I recently deleted all the pictures I still had on my computer since my high school scrapbooks are now complete. I have shared about high school in the past though so have no fear you can see what high school me looked like,hint it's not much different from now.

Blog posts about my high school days:
If you knew me in high school
Highschool Friendships
Prom Night
This is my Story

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to Host a Football Watch Party

Yall this weekend was fan-freakin-tastic! Who's with me?! Kevin and I spent sweet time with friends, got a lot of relaxing together time and spent a good amount of time outdoors being active. It was wonderful and I can't believe it's Tuesday already.

Among my favorite moments from the weekend was our football watch party for the opening game of the season for our SOONERS! Party throwing is one of my favorite things to do. You can catch some of the past ones at the end of this post. As I've mentioned in the past, hospitality is a biggie for me. Growing up, our home was always bustling with people. We literally hosted a baby shower in our home for a couple we didn't even know. If there was a reason to party, people were at our home, the homemade milkshakes were flowing, the pool was full, and the food was plenty. I loved those days in my childhood home. Our whole family did.

When Kevin and I first got married, I immediately started having people over. Kevin didn't love it at first but he quickly realized this was something I cared passionately about. We held several parties in our first home which was all of 600 sq ft, and had the smallest living room you can possibly imagine. Now, we're in a duplex which is double the size of that first town-home but still doesn't have a very large living room (you better believe a big living room is going to make the home priority list when we go to buy). It hasn't stopped me from throwing all kinds of parties.

So with the Sooners football season opening this last weekend on pay-per-view, throwing a watch party was a MUST. Much like a tailgate party, a watch party requires only a few basics: food, drinks, more food and LOTS of spirited decorations.

Hosting a football watch party breaks is all about the pre-game. So here are my tips for hosting your own watch party!

Make the Play Book.
Make an action plan. What do you plan on making? How many people do you plan on serving? Is everyone bringing some food to pitch in? What will they bring? How will you invite people? I love this idea!  ---bottom line. Organize and everything will go smoothly!

Prep the Field.
In order to keep my to-dos to a minimum I planned on setting up a feature table and keeping everything else on other tables/counters in our home. This feature table turned out to be a couple sawhorses with a piece of plywood on top. I draped it with a white linen tablecloth and no one even knew it wasn't a true "table."
I re-worked the living room room to move in more seating, even pulling our usual dining table into the area, and adjusted the usual "dining room" to be open for people to access food easily.

Party of your play book work will be to decide on the foods you'll make and then determining how/when to do what. I prepped most of the food ahead of time so it would easily pop into the oven come time. Tip: choose simple foods that are easy to make and easy to eat. Think finger foods! We did  mini pizzas, I made some simple layered cake "footballs"(used a cookie cutter) and this cheesy chip dip (which I added artichoke to).

Shine the Helmets.
Prep your space! Having my one table made it easy for me to gather all my decorations and set them up on the table. You want to choose pieces that have varying heights, texture and of course plenty of your team color/logo. Don't go overboard, you still want the area to function for it's purpose, ie feed/entertain people. Tall pieces and prints should be placed at the back of your table. Layer the table with heights, and bowl/plate types.

I'm a avid DIY-er but when you're hosting the party, there are things you just have to cut out and spending hours creating all those genius little decor details are one of those things. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Touies Design and just about instantly fell in love with their football party supplies. We got to talking and before I knew it, I was meeting the creators face to face. I chose their tumblers (hello, simple yet perfect! These hit the need for a drink container and the pretty, I used simple gold washi tape to stick on each cup for people to write their names), cupcake toppers (which meant there was no need to get fancy with the icing!), paper straws (a simple way to add a bit of embellishment), water bottle labels (that I ended up using to decorate containers with instead), and finally a beautiful print for a touch of pretty. A mix of specific OU things and crimson colored items allowed for a really pretty display!

Take the Field
The best part of parties are enjoying them! So pop that food in the oven as people start arriving, put it out and then enjoy the party. Keep it simple and just relax while you watch. Give yourself the freedom to put your own feet up. If you're comfortable, your guests will be comfortable too!

What do you do to host football watch parties?!


Note: Touies Design has MORE than just OU gear friends! I think the best part of their shop is that their items are colored themed, not logo crazy. This means you can get the red gear and it can be used for Oklahoma, Alabama, A&M...etc I know many of you live in more places than sweet Oklahoma, but that doesn't mean there's not something for you in their shop too! And they have several colors available and I can only imagine more will come. Plus, their gray football t's are just awesome!

-I promise you'll have enough food, if everyone is chipping in, so don't feel the need to double all your recipes!
-Don't worry about people having fun, or having every seat with a perfect shot of the tv...some people will come just to chat and others will make themselves comfy on the floor.
-Keep it simple. Love having a themed party? Awesome! Me too! Choose one place to go all-out. One table. One spot in your living room. You get the idea. Choose one small spot and make it look amazing. Then let the rest of the home just be as is. You'll enjoy it more, your guests will feel comfortable and best yet-you'll have less to pick up after all is said and done!

Past Parties
Duck Baby Shower
Couples Wedding Shower-Navy & Yellow Themed
Couples Wedding Shower- Rustic & Gold Themed
Friendsgiving/Operation Christmas Child Party

(This party was sponsored by TouiesDesign but the party set-up and my opinions are honest. I loved setting up this party, and it was SO much easier having some supplies pre-made and looking amazing. I really loved their products and would totally recommend them to any and all!)

Follow Touies Design on instagram, facebook and twitter to stay up to date on new products and of course coupon codes!

And in reference to today's writing challenge, oh I do adore OU football season, but summer is by far the best season! It speaks to my love of sunshine and outdoor time.
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Football is Back, ALRIGHT!

pics from last fall


Today, husband is wearing his OU red pants and white OU polo, while I've got my OU dress and cardigan on. It's almost the big day. Game day.

I love summer so this comes as a bitter sweet day to me, I know this begins the start to fall days and fall days will eventually bring cool air with them. While I'll enjoy that on my runs for my half marathon training, I'm much more of a sunny-hot-day kind of girl. I'd rather be hot than cold any day.

However, fall also brings OU football,and all football for that matter. I do love keeping up with OU's games. It's so fun living in your alumnae college town. The spirit on game days and through the fall can be felt throughout the city. On game days, if you're shopping at the stores, you're likely to hear to game being played through the speakers. Throughout the week, businesses start painting their windows and putting up OU posters everywhere. And on game day itself, the campus really comes alive with celebration and people. Crimson and cream(white) are everywhere. We've even got our own home all decked out.

We plan on having a number of friends over to watch the first game tomorrow. It's on pay-per-view so hello PARTY! I think it's going to be a full house but I'm stoked. Parties are my favorite. I particularly love putting together the food items and the pretty little decorated table. There are some really fun ideas I've worked up with the Touies girls that I'll be sharing next week. I'm just picturing it all now!

I loved attending the University of Oklahoma and I have a serious passionate pride that runs in me for the school. I may be paying off college loans but I wouldn't trade those loans for those four years in college ever. OU gave so much to my life besides just my career. I made the best friends a girl could ask for at OU, and I met the man of my life there too. I love the school spirit. I love the massive amount of pride. I love the bell turning on every hour on campus. I love the red and white everywhere. It's just awesome and there's really nothing else like it. My passion as an OU alumni is certainly not the only thing I'm passionate about, and definitely doesn't make the top of my list but it's ranked up there. This post does a better job of describing my true passion and dream in this life. So today...
I'm Sooner born
I'm Sooner bred
and when I die I'll be Sooner dead,
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahomaaaaaaa

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Passion, Pink and Pearls...

Last night we hung out with our small group to kick off the first ever group fantasy football draft. It was wonderful. Food, stories, laughter, catching up...I am excited for even more time with them this Saturday for our college football kickoff party, with the main event- The Sooners!

Since last night's event took most of the evening, there was no time to create a mood board to represent this blog, ie: today's prompt for #blogtemberchallenge So, instead, a little description about this blog and some random pictures will have to do.

Passion, Pink and Pearls...well I don't remember how I came to rest on that name but I do remember scribbling many combinations way back when. It was approximately four years ago that I started thinking about starting a blog. I had begun reading a lot of blogs and for some reason found myself thinking I should write one too. I had just gotten engaged and I thought it might be fun to document the wedding process. I wrote my first post back in December of 2011. It was a total of five sentences.

Passion, Pink and Pearls describes me pretty well. I have a passion for Christ and this life He's given me. I want to honor Him every day with my words and actions. I want my life to bring Him glory. I want my passion for the Lord to be evident so to share His love. Pink, is my favorite color. It's been so for quite a long time. I remember back in high school, we would watch The Extreme Home Makeover, that's when I decided I was going to be an interior designer who wore pink. My dad bought me a purse shaped tool box for Christmas soon thereafter. I now have a pink hardhat to wear to my job sites, and it's awesome. I would venture to say that half of my wardrobe is pink. Basically, it's obvious I love the color pink, and specifically it's coral pink that is my favorite (hence the wedding colors).  Finally, pearls. I'm a total pearls girl. On any given day I'm wearing some type of pearls. Pearl studs, bracelet, necklace...more than likely one of those items is on my every day. I love the delicacy and the classic look of pearls. I love the class of pearls. I also think of "pearls of wisdom" when I think of pearls. My intention was to share my own "pearls of wisdom" at the end of each blog post. This is mostly applicable on DIY posts and I honestly have not kept to this idea very well at all.

I also decided to name my "design company" (not an official company), Pearl Design. It is under this title that I create hand drawn pieces, design concept boards for people's homes, and various other things. I have really enjoyed my time with my pencils over the last year or so. I'm always up for a blogger discount if you're interested in one! And I'm now a designer at Dezignable creating concept boards for clients.

This blog most correctly identifies itself as a lifestyle blog. I share most about my personal life, my faith in the Lord, the lessons God has taught me, some DIYs, some helpful posts, and a lot of just randomness. Thanks for joining me for the ride!

Of my favorite posts, this one is the silliest, this one makes me smile, this one reminds me of God's faithfulness, this one was fun, this one was hard to write but I'm proud of myself for doing it, this one has a funny story, this one makes me smile, in this one Kevin and I dressed like Boy Meets World characters and that's just awesome,  this one (and this one) has one of my all time favorite diys, and, this diy surprised me, and this one is the most pinned on pinterest.

Once upon a time, we went to Paris for 27 hours and Katie Donnelly took pictures of us at the Eiffel Tower

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ideal Days

I think my perception of an ideal day has changed greatly over the last couple of years. In years' past I might have simply said the beach. Next question.

Now, though, I think my ideal day would look different. It would include my favorite things,  like the beach, but more than that it would include my favorite people. Before my ideal days would have just been composed of the what. Now, more importantly, they include the who.

My ideal days are also a little more realistic and attainable. My desires in an ideal day are simplified and do-able. After all, ideal days should be able to happen once in a while, or even better often! 

I've learned to value days differently over the last year. I've learned to value moments with people differently over the last year. I've learned that each day is a stupendous gift from the Lord! I've learned that I need to make each day count and not underestimate the various opportunities I'm given.

So an ideal day, in the here and now, would be simply time with my husband, puppy, best girlfriends and this fabulous group that I've been immensely privileged to lead. And because it breaks down so easily to this, there are many ideal days I would create. So I decided to put together my top three:

one: I'd choose to have a Saturday off with Kevin so we could sleep in together and slowly awaken to the sight of the sunrise peaking through our curtains, a little luxury that we hardly ever get since he works Saturdays. We'd have cuddle time and breakfast in our pjs on the sofa. We'd take our puppy girl on a run or walk, and let her swim in her favorite little lake. After some time of relaxing at home, probably watching a movie, we'd get cleaned up. Then we would enjoy a meal out, or at one our homes, with our life group.

In all likelihood, our upcoming Saturday will look a lot like the above. This is why I choose this kind of ideal day. It's realistic and doesn't leave me living on a wish. This is a dream that I get to live out!

two: A full day with my husband. Enjoying all those little things and going out to try some new things too. No where to be. No one to have to check in with. No things on our to-do list. Just us and whatever our little hearts take us.

This coming Labor Day will likely look much like this. It's what we "plan on" doing. Us time. Whatever happens, happens but most importantly, our schedules have been left open for Monday so we can enjoy whatever comes our way, as long as we're together.

 threeA morning with Kristina chatting and making some deliciously healthy meals. We'd bake a sweet later because that's what we're best at. We're working on exercising more and more so for fun, let's throw in that we'd work in some physical activity. Next, exploring! Kristina is my go-and-do-anything friend. She's always up for any random adventure I've conjured up. My ideal days with Kristina are so varied, but they always include good conversation and some time in one way or another with our missing 2 partners, Emily and Kayla.

Just last weekend, I called up my Kristina for a Friday night adventure. We decided to venture out into OKC and checked out some of the outdoor markets in Midtown. If I were talking more specifically about the "what" of ideal days, shopping some little shops would probably be in there. The weather was delightful and some of those shops just stole our hearts. And while we're on this subject matter, I'm extra stoked to announce that I got to meet the fabulous ladies behind Touies Design while we there! We've been working on a little surprise coming your way, probably next week, and I can't wait to reveal it!!! I've been dreaming this up all week. I'll just say this, it's football time in Oklahoma yall! But back to Kristina and I, we walked the shops, checked out the street fair starting to take shape and ended the night with double scoop ice cream cones, and our favorites, Emily and Kayla on face time. A great night.

Here's a sneak peak from that night, and some shots of Touies Design shop! What's your favorite party?! I'm just gushing over much of what they've created!

Ideal isn't perfect. Ideal, for me, is experiencing something in the best way, with a full and joyful heart.


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