Friday, August 7, 2015

The Escape OKC

Last Friday I pulled off a pretty epic surprise for one of my very best friends, and I have The Escape to thank for it, to be fair-also a number of other people! Now, as I mentioned last week, Kevin and I have had a lot of fun trying out new places in our city area lately. We've been to Top Golf, Elevation, and I listed a lot of my favorite see/do/eat too. Today, I've got The Escape OKC to share with yall!

So The Escape is a game in which you, and no more than five of your friends,  go into a room that takes you to another place/time with a mystery to solve. That mystery, once solved is your ticket out of the room. It helps you enter the right code to unlock yourself out of the room. This activity has been sprouting up all over the place. I remember I first saw a version of it on Ellen (oh the laughter, yall this is my favorite Andy video), and then The Bachelor made it one of the dates. It's been on my list of something to do for a long while.

I had to snap a portion of their world map showing california and oklahoma (and of course texas!)...they had pins ALL over the place of where people had come from, including Greenland!

A giant puzzle with lots of clues? Count me in! If you love mysteries, this is for you! My friend that we were surprising studied Criminology and I just knew this would be right up her alley. Many of the puzzles revolved around a criminal act or death. I felt like it was playing Clue in real life! 

The Escape costs $70 a game which is pricey but when split between 6 people really isn't that bad! You can choose your room and time online, which makes it super easy to plan out your evening (you should pop over to Cuppies and Joe after right across the street!)

Here are the room options you can choose between:
from their website

I think one of my favorite aspects of this activity was that it was more of a mental activity. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all the new physical activities around OKC but I don't really know of many others that really get you thinking like this one!

Another reason I adore this place? Their willingness to work with you on making your experience the best it can possibly be! I emailed them several weeks ago to begin the discussion of my surprise. To fill you in, I had my friend's childhood best friend (and since college, one of my best friends) fly into Oklahoma (from California) to surprise our friend. I wanted her to be able to hide in the room, so that when we arrived with our friend, she was not only surprised by the activity but super surprised by her bestie being there! I had no idea how enthusiastic the staff of The Escape would be to help me make this surprise come into fruition. They were awesome! We got there and they helped me plant her in the room just in time. I also found out they've helped with many other surprised for people, including proposals! I mean, how fun is that?!

My only "negative" to The Escape would be the quality of the room set-up. This is probably the result of , what I like to call, the"design disease," the issue of me and other designers not being able to go anywhere without judging the interiors, but I still mention it because I think it just wasn't as dressed up as I imagined it would be. It was rather plain but it still got the job done. The theme was consistent in our room and the props they have are pretty awesome as they are on-point with the time period.

I can't share much more because of course, you'll have to check it out yourself and I'm definitely not going to be the one who spoils the game for you! So really, all I have left to say is: What are you waiting for?!???

Follow The Escape OKC on social media!

Anything in the OKC area that you've been wondering about? We love trying new things, and taking our small group to them as well! We're ALWAYS planning something!


  1. After it was on the Bachelor my friend texted me and said there was one here and we HAD TO DO IT. I thought it sounded terrifying! But now I kinda want to do it...

  2. I have never heard of this (and I'm not sure how I missed it on Bach!) but is sounds like so much fun!

  3. The big question: did you escape? Those are low escape rates. Do they come get you after a certain time if you don't solve?


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