Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Golf OKC

This summer, Kevin and I have had so much fun doing new things with our friends around Norman and Moore/Oklahoma City. After I shared some of my favorites in our area, I thought I would add to that with these new activities. Today, I'm sharing about Top Golf but I've also got Elevation and one other activity to-be-announced going into a blog post soon.

Now I know this is a chain and probably many of you have checked this out in other cities. We went to our location at the beginning of the month, and I later found out they'd only been open for ten days! There are some kinks for them to work out, which I did write about below, but hands down I enjoyed it and would go back.

We went around 6pm but I would definitely suggest you go at a time that you get to experience the night sky with it. The holes light up and the whole place kind of becomes a party-like atmosphere. Top Golf includes the playing area, restaurant, outdoor bar and some hang-out locations. There was a small stage by the outdoor bar that looked ready for some live music too.

My overall thought was, this place is really fun! They have clubs at each station for you to use but they also let you bring in your own set and have easy spots to set them in. I loved that you can play and order food/drinks at the same time. Anything that you get to be outdoors but you aren't sweating like crazy is also a win in my book.  The design of the place is pretty cool, which you know I have to mention. The stations looked to have either tables or a sectional sofa. We got the sofa option and it was so comfortable. It's pretty great that you don't have to be good at golfing to have fun too. I'm not a golfer, I'm not even very good at put-put, but I had fun and still scored some holes! AND, as I said, I want to go back so you know it was fun!

So when you arrive there are two lines. In one line you get a player's card and in another line you actually reserve your slot. Once you have a player's card, you don't have to stand in that line again when you come back, so it's one and done! That part is handy but we didn't realize that you pay for the card and the game. So make sure and budget an extra $5 a person for the card. Oh and on another note, we learned that if you forget your card you have to buy a new one, so don't lose it!

We were told we would wait an hour so we grabbed a spot in the restaurant to go ahead and place our food order but the server never came to us after we ordered a round of water(big spenders yall, haha), and before we knew it, our name was called to go upstairs to play. Ordering food up at the playing levels was more fun anyway so I'd recommend hanging out and getting a drink during your wait.

We knew our large group of ten was going to be difficult as the stations are made for six players. Getting two stations next to each other seemed next to impossible to arrange (at least that night) so we ended up just sharing our slots (husband & wife formed a team) which meant that technically we didn't all need to purchase separate player's cards (fyi to any of you who end up playing team style or have a bigger group than six).

Shortly after we got going the computer timed us out of our game. This happened a couple more times into our play time and while the IT guys did usually come quick and ultimately gave us more time, we were never able to play any of the other game styles so that was a bummer.

Since we never ordered down in the restaurant, we ended up ordering at our station. I thought the menu was fun but I was trying to choose semi-healthy and decided to split a turkey wrap with one of my girlfriends. All the orders except mine (which also included my husband's) came out within a reasonable time. Our friends finished their meals before we saw our server again. At this point I kindly told her we were still waiting on some food and she sort of flippantly said she would check into it. Well time goes by and she comes back to ask exactly what was missing. Some time later our food finally came out. Heads up, the turkey wrap is nothing to write about but the fries were good. Now, I understand food service is a rough industry, really I do, but I think what frustrated me in this situation most was how little our server seemed to care, and that she never checked in on us (as most servers do at other restaurants). I'm going to shake this whole episode to be a brand-new-location issue but it was still rather irritating, and took away from my overall experience.

I loved getting to play in both daylight and night but I would definitely recommend you go for the evening, it was way more fun when the sun went down. I would also definitely just go for the less-healthy option next time around since the fries were great and my husband loved his burger. Also there was a donut-hole option that looked like it could be a winner.

So bottom line, I'm already trying to figure out when we can go back!

Have you been to a Top Golf??

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  1. Wow! Sounds like this could be fun or frustrating, but definitely need to have good staff to explain how things work first! I'm a mini-golf kinda girl...


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