Monday, July 6, 2015

The Final Fourth as Four

As I mentioned probably too many times via instagram, this last weekend was our last time to hang out with one of our favorite couples as a group of four. Their little baby is due in August, and when he arrives we will be five! Kevin and I chatted on the way home about how one day it'll be six with our child joining in and maybe even later on eight with more kiddos. Life sure will look different then but it will most definitely be a joy.

We so enjoyed our weekend with these two. We relaxed, played, talking about the coming baby and enjoyed life together. We have walked through many season together; college, graduation, marriage, moving, and now parenthood.  Kevin and I are so excited for our friends and greatly look forward to walking through this next season by their side. Plus, now we'll have someone to show us the ropes! You know for years down the road when we need it.

We plan on being friends till the end with these two. I'm praying many child-filled-friend-family-vacations are in our future.

Meet ya soon baby Zeke!

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