Friday, July 31, 2015

Honey, I'm Good

There's a pretty great lady in my life. She and I are two peas in a pod. Out of the foursome, we're definitely, the wilder of the bunch. We're also the shorter of the four as well, that really has nothing to do with anything. We enjoy singing loudly and dancing around living rooms, even on coffee tables. I remember a great deal of my college career was spent laughing with this beautiful lady. I'm especially glad that has not stopped. This spectacular lady reads this blog perhaps more diligently than anyone else, sorry husband but I think it might be true. She's one of the most kind-hearted, empathetic, compassionate, endearing, sweet, caring, gentle-spirited, adventurous, fun, delightful and gorgeous women I know.

And today, not only does this fabulous lady star in the hilarious video below, but we are also celebrating her BIRTHDAY tonight. Miss Kristina, Happy EARLY Birthday!

I pray we are friends until the ends of time. I pray I get to watch you walk a wedding aisle one day. I pray we share in pregnancy stories, and mom stories one day. I pray we get to go on friend vacations with our other two favorite ladies. I pray we continue to get to laugh and cry together. I pray we continue to share joy and pain together. I pray we continue to have fun and dance until our knees give out. You are spectacular my pretty friend! Never let anyone steal your sparkle, lols. But really, stand strong in who you are. Invest in yourself. Choose what God thinks above everyone else. And never forget, how much I most definitely love and adore you!

I'd tell any other girl out there, oh no honey I'm good, cause I have the best friend a girl could ask for. :)

This video featuring this wonderful woman, my husband, Paisley and some really awesome bloggers out there is pretty stinkin awesome and if you don't laugh or at least smile while watching, you are crazy.

Sar: the creator of these videos (see the last one for Shake it Off) writes at The Hagans blog, and not so long ago Life of Love Blog. They eloped in Hawaii, and it was stunning. They're pretty stinkin' hilarious and especially adorable.

Micah: was especially funny in this video. And she's done the last two videos! She writes at Unbashedly Me.

Erin: and her hubs take the cake in this year's video. Oh my goodness, they are so fun to watch. I especially love her husband's hat and dance moves. She writes at Love, Fun and Football.

Holly: has some pretty fantastic dance moves and facial expressions in this year's video. She writes at Faith, Hope and Baseball.

And now for today's featured presentation:

This year's video makes me smile and laugh and want to sing right along. I realized I knew far too few lyrics than I actually thought but it was so fun to have Miss Kristina there. We didn't coordinate anything this time around, just danced and sang and enjoyed it.

Last year's video made me cringe at myself but my how fun it was to make. I let Kevin direct me however he wanted, he loves playing out songs into their stories.


  1. aw! this is SO sweet and the video is fantastic!!

  2. Great post. Finding a good friend is really hard, but once you do, you should celebrate them.

    Loved you, Kevin, and Kristina in the video!

  3. aww what a sweet tribute! love spending time with my girls as well...especially the other pea-in-a-pod. :)

  4. Moral battle - I want to watch your video but it's not allowed in Germany... to sneak around or not?!? I'm sure it's sweet :)


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