Friday, July 17, 2015

Home Sneak Peeks

Back when we moved into our duplex, now almost two years ago, I had grand plans of sharing each room of this place and the changes we've made along the way. Well obviously those plans are long gone. I've tried to take pictures of our home here and there. We re-did our living room recently and also the craft room earlier this winter. I am just itching to share the craft room! Almost, I'm waiting on one final part. Oh and of course, there's the paint touch-ups left as well.

One day, I'd love to share different pictures I've taken of our mantle, I've changed it a million or so times in our nearly two years here. It sure would be fun to flip through those, at least those that got documented with a photo. I think the mantle has been one of my favorite things in this home.

We are still renting but making this place our home while we are here is important to me. To those of you who are renting, don't be afraid to put some holes in the wall, paint some accent walls, and move things around constantly. Shopping in my own home, and cans of spray paint have transformed many of our rooms. Learning to love this place has taught my heart some serious lessons. The Lord certainly gifted us beatifully in this home. It fills me with joy sitting on our sofa and just looking around.

Some of these pictures are everyday scenes in our home, mail on the table and cups out, cords on the floor and vacuumed floors. That's life. This is our real life in our real home.

Trying to make your rent place a home? Contact me, I'd love to help you!


  1. Love your style and all those pastels! I've also been meaning to post pics of each room in our house (that we moved into almost 2 years ago). One of these days!

  2. Your home is gorgeous! Do you want to come decorate mine? :)


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