Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friends Having Babies

Our life lately has been filled with so much precious time with our friends. Last weekend we celebrated this couple's baby shower. This weekend we're heading down to spend one final weekend as a group of four before the baby comes! I'm certain we will remain tight friends but I'm also certain our time together will be different from thenceforth onward. It's weird, friends having babies...anyone else been there?

On that note, I sent the above picture to my dad and told him I had the prettiest puppy. His response? She's a good pet for you two. Keeps you busy. That's good, no grand babies yet. Umm okay dad. Ironically, earlier that day, I called and told my mom about the baby shower, and her response? Sounds like a nice party, you just enjoy your flat tummy and don't worry about babies right now. So both parents, in one day offered unsolicited advice to not have kids yet. I laughed out loud on both occasions. Kevin and I dream about that time in our lives but like my parents wishes, we're planning on that down the road a bit still. Although, mom, you should know that my stomach isn't exactly flat, there's some floppy fat in there keeping it from that...

We've also had so much fun with our life group over this last month. Between Bible study nights and just hang out nights, it's been a blast! The above photos were from our recent adventure to Top Golf altogether. Our location is quite new, and while they have some kinks to work out, I think I'd definitely go back! I'm already looking forward to our next time together as a group, we're planning on checking out one of those jump places. I pray I never grow weary of hanging out with this amazing group of people. Kevin and I are truly inspired by each of you (if you're reading this) and simply love being your friends.

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  1. Friends having babies is very weird, but seeing them step into their role as parents to the little one is awesome :)

  2. Ha! How funny about what your parents said! They're too funny!

    Our friends are having babies all over the place...the fever is REAL!

  3. It's always interesting when you're closest friends start having babies -- we're currently experiencing that! While our time with them might be diminished, it's also for good reason so I always remember that :) we ALSO are not having kids anytime soon so we're together on that! ;) that's too funny that both of your parents told you to wait in the same day!!

  4. Enjoy your parents not wanting grandkids while it lasts...

  5. I am getting the opposite responses - people asking us why we haven't had kids yet!! Maybe we need to get a puppy! :)


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