Thursday, July 30, 2015

Elevation Moore


I shared about Top Golf the other day and today I've got Elevation to share about! We celebrated July birthdays by going here for an hour and hands down, this place was a blast!

You have to have 15 people in order to get a group reservation so we didn't go that route and I don't have much information to offer up about it.

When you arrive you have to sign a waiver, digitally, at a station directly upon entering the building. Once your waiver is signed, you can purchase your wrist band. They have different colored bands for the hours you've paid to be there.

The pace is a giant room with different courts for different kinds of jumping activities. They have a court for little-little kids, basketball, dodgeball and the main court with tons of trampolines for just playing around. Plus, there's a jump pit too! There are free lockers for you to lock up the phones and such in the open area between the courts.

We spent most of our time between the basketball and the main court. Mostly because there were a lot of kids hanging out on the other ones and we didn't want to squash them. For a Friday evening though, it really wasn't too crazy busy.

When we first arrived and purchased only an hour we imagined we might be buying another hour, but let me tell you! Jumping for an hour is exhausting! We had so much fun but we were definitely ready for that hour to end when it did. We were all hot, sweaty and ready to eat!

I'd recommend you ditch the socks, I did that for the first half and later wished I hadn't had them at all. I also wished I had brought a water bottle because hopping over to the water fountain behind the line of kids wasn't so fun. I think this place would be SO fun for a kids party though, on that note.

I'm definitely going back some time and I would also love to check out one of their morning boot camps.

Also, thumbs up Elevation for playing fun Christian music! Loved the Relient K jams that night!

Have yall ever been?

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  1. This sounds like so much fun, I've always wanted to go to one of these places! I think it would be my inclination to buy a bunch of hours at once so I'm glad you gave the tip that it's exhausting! Have a great weekend!


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