Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Duck Baby Shower

Parties are my thing. I love creating them, planning them, decorating them, cooking for them...
Sometimes, I dream about making a business of just planning parties (not weddings, we'll leave that for someone else) but for now, I'll continue to plan parties for friends!

This party was no exception. One of my best friends is having a baby and this shower was so fun to create for her. My friend's mother and sister did a ton of work and crafted some pretty cute things for the shower too. And since her sister was my big in phi lamb, it was fun to hang out with her again too!

Our theme for the shower was ducks because, well the mommy-to-be loves ducks! She's had a collection of duck items in here home for a very long time. It was only natural that the baby's room would be duck themed. As a result, we made the shower duck themed. I personally like to make all my parties themed in a way that will give the party honoree things for them to use. This way all those decorations you spent time and money on are actually given a second life after the party. I've done this for all the wedding showers I've helped with too, which gives the bride some wedding day decorations!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking but since everyone always wants to know about games. We did the crossword puzzle with questions pertaining to baby and parents. We also did BINGO, where guests filled in the squares with items they thought she'd receive, during gift opening.  And we also had the activity of writing funny things on the diapers for those late night changes. For the most part, however, we hung out, ate food and chatted. It was fun, sweet, and tasty!

One of my wedding shower hosts created a guest scrapbook page for me, it was so great because I was able to easily slide it into my scrapbook. I've continued this idea ever since.

The pencil art in the background is one of my created pieces. I made it blank for the invitation, scanned it in and typed the invite information on it. Then afterward, I filled in the baby's monogram for them to take home and put in his room.

And for the curious, the duck cake is the result of a cake pan and crafty icing work by the father to be and the mother to be's sister (the duck cupcakes were also done by them). I made the rice krispie ducks as favors for the guests (to use a cookie cutter with rice krispies, simply spray them with cooking spray and clean it often between). 

-if you're interested in a duck shower, Pinterest is swarming with duck fun, check it out but don't get overwhelmed! Choose your top favorites and go from there. 


  1. SO stinking cute and cheerful! I love it all!

  2. Completely adorable! I can definitely relate to your love of planning parties--I've got one coming up in a few weeks, which isn't as exciting since it's a goodbye party...and goodbyes aren't nearly as exciting as babies!...but I think every aspect of the task is just so fun!

  3. Wow, these cup cakes are so beautiful. This duck theme is envy-worthy. The decorations are flawless. Outstanding work! I am going to host my daughter’s 1st birthday in the next month and would like to use this theme for the decoration of her outdoor birthday venues in Chicago.


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