Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know

Helene in Between

that I...

am officially allergic to bananas
I used to eat them as a kid but midway through high school, on three separate occurances bananas left my puking in the toilet. Needless to say I ruled them out of my diet...until recently. See bananas are the base for a lot of healthy yummy recipes, so I thought I might give them another try, slowly. Well I had two slices on toast last Sunday and I was in pain and back at the toilet all day. I will never touch them again.

might have used asthma as an excuse
It's true, Back in elementary school, I would get out of running sometimes because of asthma. Did I have asthma? Yes. Did it bother me when I ran? Yes. Was it as bad as I may have made it seem. Uuhh probably not.

convinced my sister to play dollhouse only to set up the houses
Doll house soon became my sister's least favorite game. She wanted to play out stories with the people. I wanted to set up all the houses. Interior design has been in me since the beginning.

love my alone time
The day Kevin gets a job that gives him to me on Sunday and Saturday,  I will jump for joy! But honestly, most Saturdays I don't mind have some loner time to hang out the house and get things done.

grew up in Texas but really didn't listen to country music until middle school
That's what you get when your parents are actually from Michigan. One of my first best friends in the 7th grade introduced me to country music and I never looked back. That lady will forever be one of my favorite people. I'm so glad God brought us together back then. Middle school, high school and life in general wouldn't have been so different without her!

prefer to eat with a fork and in a bowl
If I can eat it in a bowl and with a fork, I will. Not sure when or how that obsession started but it did and it's a real thing!

What about you? I haven't done a link up in SO long but I loved this little easy prompt Helene put together!


  1. Omg, I thought I was the only one allergic to bananas. If I eat them in a smoothie or muffins (he!) it's okay but by themselves it is hell!

  2. Bananas really are in a lot of healthy recipes that look sooo good... fortunately I'm sure you'll find alternatives :) I used to use asthma as an excuse at school, since I thought being out of breath was pretty much asthma... only later when I had very real very serious asthmatic episodes did I learn the difference!

  3. I didn't grow up in Texas, but I grew up in a tiny, tiny, tiny, TINY town in northern Wisconsin where everyone loved country music. So obviously, I hated country because I have to be different than everyone else. :) It wasn't until recently that I realized that I actually like it.

  4. alone time is my all time favorite time. it really is the best. can't beat it!

  5. Oh my word I love alone time, I can never get enough of it, Also, sorry to hear about bananas that sucks...


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