Friday, June 5, 2015

My New Favorite Shoes

Yall, it's Friday and I'm so glad! This week of work has been a busy but slow going one. I'm ready for some home time and some active time outdoors. We have a movie night in the par tonight and tomorrow a kickball tournament with my office and I'm sure Paisley would love a trip to the pond or river. Plus, if all works out, I'll be starting my water zumba class on Sunday!

I'm loving that it is summer time and it is officially warm outside!

On a completely random note, Kevin got me these shoes as my anniversary gift, year three is leather so leather shoes! Yall, these are the best shoes I've ever owned. They're pretty wedges but made by crocs which means they're fantastically comfortable. I feel like I've discovered an amazing shoe secret and have to share this with you.If you're looking for some summer wedges that won't kill your feet, do yourself a favor and order some! I wore them all week with no problems. Okay, I'm done with my public service announcement.

I've got a number of blog posts stored up in my head but have yet to sit down and type them out. So today, I've got my favorite shots from our little quick anniversary photoshoot on campus with our camera and sweet friend.


  1. I'm so impressed that you can still fit in your wedding dress!!! :-)

  2. Such fun pictures! Sadly I didn't even know about the themed gifts until two weeks before our second did I miss the memo for that one??? That is amazing (not even exaggerating) that Kevin can pick out some pretty sweet shoes for you! Happy anniversary!

  3. Cute shoes! So far I've followed the traditional gifts every year--year 3 was so easy since I just gave Angel a wallet. :) Leather is a good gift! I love your twirling photos!

  4. I love, love the idea attire putting on the wedding attire again! It's totally not fair or logical not to get to wear a wedding dress more than the fastest night of your life!


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