Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Fitness Workouts

If only we could all get the air Paisley gets...

By now you've heard me mention Tone It Up a lot this week. So what is Tone It Up? I know before I got into it and heard people mention it I would click their website and be so confused. Here's the thing, they've got a lot going on and it can be real easy to get overwhelmed but do yourself a favor, and give it a little more time!

Tone It Up was started by two girls who became friends through fitness, Karena and Katrina. The produce fitness videos, have a nutrition system and all kinds of other products. In addition to that, they post on their blogs free videos and a free weekly workout schedule (plus recipes etc). This is what I've used from them. I loved having something written out for me. They help you focus on different parts of your body every day. Their videos are challenging but not impossible and I feel really accomplished when I complete them.

I used Jillian Michaels, and Insanity for a couple years before TIU but their tough-stuff attitude wasn't really clicking for me. K&K seem genuinely interested in helping their followers, their gentle but firm approach really works for me. If you're anything like me, you might start working through their videos, watch these two beautiful girls work out in their pretty bikinis, flowy hair, on sandy beaches with the sun setting while you are in your living room that's dark because it's 5am, your carpet is covered in dog hair and you are in mis-matched work out clothes that don't fit the same anymore...and think, "uhhh no, this is too much...they seem perfect." But keep to it! I bet, soon enough you can't help but like them.

So my fitness work outs really looks like following their weekly schedules, for the most part. I've not bought any of their DVDs, products, nutrition system, etc but I listen, and I read their posts (they offer so much for free! Take advantage of it!). I'll switch it up a little bit here and there. Sometimes I'd rather go for a run than what they've recommended. Sometimes, I can't do everything they've recommended because I simply don't have the time for it (as a result, I've had to work on stopping guilt tripping myself).

The great thing about their videos, I can do them all at home! And I do! In my living room is where I do pretty much all of their routines!

My goal is to do at least 30 minutes of an active/cardio work out in the morning, and about 15-30 minutes of toning work outs in the evening. When I can't do both, I almost always try and get in that morning routine (the bootycall as TIU likes to call it), and I don't beat myself up for not always doing it all. In case you're wondering, I use 8 pound dumb bells. I haven't purchased a kettlebell yet but a 15 pounder is on my list.  When I run I use Google My Tracks app. It's awesome because it tracks your distance, speed and cardio but it also has Google Maps incorporated so you can see where to go when you're out running (which has allowed me to explore my whole neighborhood without getting lost).

SO, in addition to running my winding neighborhood streets, here are some of my favorite TIU videos:
Side note, some of these are really short. Those I pair with another video or do after a night of intense cardio where I just need to get in a little something (otherwise known as I showered the night before and I don't want to get too sweaty).

Slim & Tone Arms
7 Minute Full Body Toning
Bridal Babe Workout a bit silly but a fun work out
Bikini Arms 2014 one of my all time favs
HITT Bikini Work Out if I'm doing a HITT video, it's probably this one! Probably one of  the toughest TIU videos!
Bikini Arms 2015 more than just an arm work out
Sunkissed Abs a quick little ab routine
Bikini Kettlebell like I said, I don't have kettlebells so I usually just use my dumbbells but it works out great for basically all of the sets.
Bikini Body 1
Bikini Body 2
Frisky Fall HITT another great HITT work out, toughie but goodie
Mermaid Total Body yikes does this one have some tough moves to do right but you'll feel it!
BFF Work Out I got Kevin to do this one with me and we had fun, we've only done it twice but it's on my do-again list! It's tougher to follow because you have to watch the move and then pause it to do all the reps.
Inner & Outer Thighs my legs need this!

I've saved most of my favorite work outs  from around the internet here.

On their website they have some great printable options if you're not a video person. I'm also really enjoying the routines in their book they just released (if you want to get something TIU, get this book! I personally think it does a great job bridging the gap between not being a nutrition plan member and being one).

Be sure and check out this page on youtube or this page on their website to get an overview glance and break down of all the types of work outs they offer up for free!

And if you're wondering why I haven't joined a gym. I've tried to get my fitness self in check in as much of an economical way as possible. In this home, we're focused on pushing our college loans out the door, so if I planned on doing everything as free as possible. And it worked for me! I know some of my friends need and love their gym, I'm not saying don't go but if you're watching your pennies, know that you have other options!

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