Friday, June 12, 2015

IT's FRIDAY...time for some letters

Yall, I can't even.

Let's throw it back today with Friday Letters...anyone else want to join in?? Comment below!

Dear Copenhagen and Paris and Sweden, it seems as though many of my friends are traipsing through Europe right now. Every picture they share makes me miss you more and more. I hope one day we can make it back over to your part of the world.

Dear DSLR, I'm pretty sure we gave you a name but while this lady loves talking to inanimate objects, giving your type names isn't really my thing. I just want to say thank you for taking the most amazing pictures of our sweet puppy girl. You capture her so beautifully. Also, you made our time to Europe a million times better because now I have some pretty fantastic pictures to check out, next up your shots in an artifact uprising book!

Dear Paisley, child, you MUST stop trying to chase the rabbits in our neighborhood on our early morning runs. I swear you almost took off my hand this morning. Enough is enough. You're never catching those rabbits, they're way faster than you. Sorry. I love you but let's spend our energy doing something else, like running!

Dear home, I'm sorry I haven't really deep cleaned you lately. You can deal with some dust, right? I have plans to craft and work on scrapbooking tomorrow with one of my favorite ladies so I'm going to need you to just put up with it. Also, you should know how much I really adore you. Sitting in you living room is one of my favorite things. I love what we've done to really make you shine. I look forward to the day of purchasing a real home but in the meantime, you are pretty darn awesome.

Dear Fourth of July, our plans for you are somewhat in the air but we'll figure it out. One thing I know for sure, we have a pretty stinkin' cool fence flag to celebrate  you on our porch. There should be an upcoming DIY post about it. Get excited.
from our fantastic Paris session, by the incredibly talented Katie Donnelly

Dear Husband, this past year has been one incredibly whirlwind, as our anniversary shared. We've been more places than I could have even imagined. Apart from travels, we've done and experienced so many things this year, both joyful and tearful. One thing has been evidently clear through it all, Christ is on His throne and has us in His hands. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader. I've lost this weight and become stronger much because of you. Thank you for working out with me at 5am, patiently waiting for me to finish my evening toning session, trying new foods, being willing to let some foods go, and for being the most sweet encourager there ever was. You are my favorite.

Dear Life Group Peoples, I hope you know how deeply I love you. Each of you have brought such a joy to my life. I prayed for amazing couple friendships for a long time after we got married. I had no idea God had such a beautiful group of people in mind. Thank you for walking through life's seasons with us over the past two and half years. You make life SO FUN! I've been dreaming up this little weekend retreat for quite some time. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in our lives that weekend. Thank you for trusting us on this little adventure.

Dear Friday, I'm glad to see you. You bring half-day-work-day, time with my precious Kristina, and Bible study tonight with my life group peoples. Hallelujah for you! Bring on the fun!

What are you doing this weekend?
ps: if you've never heard the song below, listen. enjoy.


  1. That is such a sweet lab face. Our girl chases neighborhood bunnies too :)

  2. 5am work outs? You are amazing!!!


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