Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Anniversary Pictures and Video

We're the mushy gushy type and love documenting things as the years go by. We like making traditions that are sweet and meaningful to us.

one. So far every anniversary we've put on our wedding attire and taken pictures (the first year by our photographer, last year with a tripod  and this year by a friend). It's fun to see how we've changes through the years, and yes I know, we don't seem to have changed all that much, and I find it particularly fun to put on my wedding gown every year! And this year it fit WAY better than last year!

This year we chose to take our pictures on campus. We love our campus and who knows where we might be next year, so it seemed like the time to do it. It was definitely a little awkward but it was still so fun and we're so glad we did it! I love this man and his willingness to do silly things with me! I'll share more of those soon!

two. We write goals for our new year of marriage, some of them are relationship related (ie: choose a date each month for a date night) and some of them are just for fun (ie: finish college scrapbooks). At this time we also check out how we did on last year's goals. Finally, we pray over these goals and our marriage.

three. Kevin makes a video. This tradition started long ago when he made a recap video of our relationship which he showed to me on the night he proposed. The video is a collection of videos and pictures of the last year of our marriage.

This year's video made my heart smile. God kind of took us all over the world this year. A year ago at this time we had no idea what the year ahead looked like. God is constantly doing the unimaginable for us! Over our last year of marriage we traveled to Virginia, D.C., Michigan (and the states in between here and there), Florida, Denmark, Sweden, and France! What a wild ride! If you can't see the video in this blog post, go here.

To my sweet husband, you are my favorite person in the whole world and I'm so honored to be your wife. I love you forever and always.

To our precious Savior, thank you Father for gifting us in ways we can never imagine. When we find ourselves discouraged by college debt or behind in life steps, remind us of your glory and your purposes. May our marriage reflect the generous love that you give to us all. We love you Lord, thank you for this amazing life and the person you gifted us.

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  1. That video is so so super special! I love your traditions :)
    A question: what software does Kevin use to create and edit the videos?

  2. What a unique idea! I don't think we could put on our wedding attire again because my dress was shredded (it was lace) by the end of our wedding haha

  3. The video he makes is awesome! You guys are the only other couple I know who wears their wedding clothes again every year...of course I think it's a cool tradition! ;)


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