Friday, May 1, 2015

Sweet Friendships, Sweet Wedding

I remember December of 2012. Kevin and I had been married six months and we were out to dinner with all our friends to celebrate my birthday. We hadn't seen one of those friends, probably since our wedding, and he had quite a story to share. He'd met a girl.

Something about his face just lit up, but in a quiet way, as he described their first date. The man made homemade apple cider! And we learned at the wedding that it took him several hours. The relationship was still very new then but as I listened to him describe the date, I had a funny feeling this girl was going to be around a long while. He wasn't super confident that night, but he was definitely smitten. I was giddy with excitement for him.

Fast forward to April of 2015. He and that very same girl are getting married. Kevin and I, and a bunch of our college friends are attending, or are in the wedding. The Texas weather played nice that day, they had a beautiful sun shine filled, with a cool breeze in the shadows, day.

Check out that belly bump in the middle there!


The wedding was just lovely. Their vows and the way the pastor spoke about the two of them was so sweet. The bride was stunning in her gown, her was beautiful plus she just looked amazing. The groom had a smile that stretched from ear to ear, practically all night. It was such a sweet honor getting to attend their wedding.

I'm speaking for the whole group here, but I just know, based off our conversation throughout the night, that it was incredibly special for us to get to see our friend, the groom, marry the girl of his dreams. Though, our college career altogether shared some interesting moments, I know without a doubt in my mind, that each of us looked forward to this very moment for him. And we are all so happy we got to witness the moment and meet his precious bride.


To Louis, I hope you knew then/know now how deeply we care for you and cherish your friendship. We always knew you'd make a fantastic boyfriend to the right girl. We are so excited to see you now taking on the role of husband and know that God is going to do amazing things in your marriage. You chose one lovely woman!

To Rachel, though I've not had a chance to really get to know you yet, you are clearly the perfect fit for Louis. Never take for granted the gift you have in one another. As I know you've already been, take care of our friend Louis. You got one awesome man! ps: you looked absolutely gorgeous!

To Yall both, your wedding was beautiful, your vows were precious and for the millionth time-thank you for inviting us! I hope we all get to spend some more time with you in the future. Keep Christ center, choose serving one another above all, and consistently find time to play together.

One of my biggest prayers,  now seven years ago when I was preparing to embark on my new life, to attend the University of Oklahoma, was that the Lord would bring to me long-lasting, Christ-filled relationships. I've said it before, and I'm certain I'll say it a thousand times over...God answered that prayer in a way I never could have imagined and will always be so incredibly thankful for. While over the years, those friendships have both gotten tighter and pulled apart some, I know I will always count them as dear friends, I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to reunite this weekend. It was a blast and I hope we continue to reunite as the years go by.

My forever wedding date, my Mr, my favorite, My husband


  1. Great pictures and sweet post, Veronica!

    To Louis and Rachel (assuming you'll read comments when you see this post) Tyler and I second pretty much everything Veronica wrote in her letter to you both. It was such a beautiful wedding, and even more beautiful because we are so happy that you've found each other!

  2. It is such a cool thing to watch relationships from their start to marriage. I am like you -- always "calling it" before it happens :)


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