Friday, May 29, 2015

Pretty Paisley

I snapped an insta of this shot weeks ago, so when we were at the park with our nice camera I decided we had to get on on the real camera too.

Today is FRIDAY! Who else loves a short work week? This weekend Kevin and I are celebrating our anniversary so I've been looking forward to it all month! Part of our celebrations include a yummy breakfast, some grilling, and maybe a zipline adventure. Weather, please play nice.

Paisley Grace is the cutest puppy alive, is she not? This girl. She has stolen our furparent hearts completely. I'm not sure whether we should be embarrassed or proud that she has learned to sit and pose for us in pictures, but she looks adorable in those shots above.

I finally got through all the Copenhagen posts. I still have in mind to do a post on what we saw in Paris and then our list for Malmo but we shall see when those happen. Lately, blogging has been less than a priority but I still love this space and all of you.

Today at work we are having a Bacon Potluck..yes, you read that right, for lunch. Someone came up with that brilliant idea, I'd say less than half are actually going with this theme but either way it will still be a lot of fun. I'm bringing mini fruit pizzas. Kevin and I made them together last night and it was so fun. It might be our first "baking" experience that has gone well together, and it was done with ready-made sugar cookie dough. Bring on the yummy food and fun times with co-workers (and their spouses).

I wrote last Friday that I've lost over ten pounds, this week it became officially 14 pounds! Liz and Samantha have been the best motivators and I'm so thankful for each of them. We've all discussed that while seeing those numbers move on the scale is a great, the best part is just feeling better, stronger and more confident in our bodies. I know speak for all three of us when I saw we feel just that! Thank you Katrina and Karena for the workouts and schedules! I worked on a goals list for the next challenge and found scriptures to pair with them, I plan on putting that together in a post. I'm thinking of also writing about my fitness journey. I never thought I'd write either of these two things, I'm totally blown away, and so thankful I finally learned to rely fully on the Lord and allow Him to lift me out of my pit.
ps: go comment on Samantha's blog and tell her to come back! ;)
pss: go check out Liz's blog for awesome recipes!


  1. Aww happy girl! I love her pink harness. Congrats on all the weight loss. I really need to get on that.

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2015

    loving that spot on your furbaby's tongue! my dog has about a billion on his! so silly.


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