Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Final Days of Exploring Copenhagen

Tuesday. I woke up early today on my own at 6:15 am and I could not go back to sleep. I got up with Kevin and made him breakfast. I finished up dishes and ironing. I went to run at my favorite nearby park. I ran/walked 2.6 miles while I was there. I also did some crunches and other stretching at the little work-out spots the park has. There are two parks close together. One is part of Freriksberg Palace yet it's open to the public and another is a full on public park. Today I did the one more with the Palace. Like Sondermarken park, the Frederiksberg park also has a viewing section into the zoo. So I saw the elephants and man were they cute! They were really active and played together. I rode my bike on the highest resistance setting there and home for an extra work out.

At home I showered, ate a lunch of salad and an apple and proceeded to get some things done at home on the computer. After  8 days of hitting the streets hard I really needed a slow down day. Besides it's really cold (high of not quite 40 today) and gray out. Tomorrow the sun will come out more and then it's raining much of the rest of the week. I'm trying to line up some school tours later this week. Tonight is date night with Kevin. He's been planning for us to check out this restaurant since before we left for the trip. I'm excited to have some special out time with him, though really every day on this trip has felt like one giant date.

Wednesday. I relaxed this morning. I did some blogging, read, watched an episode of fixer upper, did some dishes. I left around lunch time for a free walking tour that started at 11 and didn't end till 2pm (or as we call it here 14pm). The tour was excellent. I learned all kinds of things I hadn't known before about the city. The tour guide was a local (well lived here 4 years from Colorado local) and had a lot of interesting stories about the royals and the history of the city. Totally loved it. If you're going to Copenhagen, carve out a few hours and do this tour! We ended up on a movie set for part of it! Seriously, so cool...I wrote about it here. And then I went back to the shopping street (when Kevin first took me here I had no idea how many times I would visit it again), Stroget, to grab a couple more items for family before going back home. I showered, put on jammies. tidyed up the home and prepped a big dinner complete with a tasty "homemade" cake...in local style. The husband loved it. That evening we relaxed. I read and finished up Hope Rising, please read this book. It was kind of like any other night back in the States but it was still so sweet.

the oldest street in Copenhagen, and also the only one not affected by any of the historical fires.

the oldest residential building in Copenhagen


in City Hall

in City Hall

The oldest amusement park

Thursday. I spent the entire day, other than the evening at the apartment. The only day that I really JUST relaxed. It was sorta hard but mostly enjoyable,  I tend to get stir crazy at times. I cleaned up and did dishes, finished up some laundry and started the packing process, which just makes me sad. I worked on some computer things (editing pictures, blogging) and I squeezed in some reading time.  I also began planning our Saturday trip to MALMO, SWEDEN!

Kevin and I  decided to go check out the newly remodeled mall this evening but other than that our evening was pretty low key too. The local mall went from one floor to FOUR complete with a parking garage, a very rare find here in Copenhagen. Malls, in general are rare here as well. Most shops are just along the street side and big department/name brand shops are on Stroget. This mall is new and has both your typical mall shops and a grocery store. It connects to the metro station as well which makes it really convenient for people. It was pretty fun to explore and we also finally tried a juice from joe and the juice, they're all over the place here! In a way, it's like a Starbucks but for juices, we both got something different and they were both delicious! We finished off the evening with a dinner of rice and beans and a movie,  Jurassic Park 2.

Friday. My last day by myself in the city. I'm sorta sad but can't lie, I'm getting ready to be home again. I miss that puppy of mine, and my bed and a bath tub (Kevin teased me for taking 2 baths in the 27 hours we were in Paris, what can I say? I love baths!). I got up for my last run in Frederiksborg park. I took a new way into the park and ran some new paths, and I finally found the hammock section our friends who were previously here told us about. I laid there for a bit, just listening to the birds, and the church bells. It was wonderful moment. I will definitely miss this massive park filled with joggers and bikers, and lovers, and babysitters with four bundled up babies in carriages. Oh and watching the toddlers waddle up and down the hill.

I headed  home and stopped at a couple bakeries to try some final things. I showered at home, ate an early lunch and then went off to find a school with some neat design to it. It showed up often online for being a unique school style. It was crazy there. Kids were all over the place. I must have been there are recess because they were roaming the whole campus. I couldn't find the office so I just wandered in a bit, and out briefly. There was no fence around the park, no immediate office (obviously since I couldn't find it) and the doors were just unlocked. The design was interesting but time had definitely taken a toll on the school as it was looking quite worn, compared to the online images. The school was mostly an open area with movable "walls." From there I wandered off back toward the area of town I now know well (on the way caught some sights of new architecture recommended to check out in the city). Well I got lost and then got incredible cold. It also started to rain. I decided to head back to Kastellet so I could explore another side of it. I still wish I'd made time to go run the trails there. It was very pretty even on a gloomy day. The church bells there sang amazing grace and put my soul at ease.

I got back on my bike, explored a new part of town and headed to my favorite area to possibly draw outside. Nyhavn. The closer I got the more it rained and the more my headache really set in. I was pretty darn cold at this point and decided that it just wasn't going to happen so I headed home. On my way home I stopped to walk through Kongens Have, Rosenborg's Castle Gardens, a park that I had been intending to stop in. Even on a rather dreary day,  it was lovely, and full of people.The castle was pretty cool too, from the outside at least, it was a place I originally wanted to go in but decided not to just to save money for other adventures. I went home from there and just warmed up in bed. I don't know why but I just did not feel well at all and I was so cold. Kevin and I opted for another night in and ate leftovers and watched another movie on Netlfix, The Ugly Truth.

took this for Samantha! love ya girl!

Only one more weekend in this beloved city left!

Following our time in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 
four-The little home we lived in
five-Wednesday & Thursday & Friday: More exploration of the city
six- The story behind the Pacifier trees of Copenhagen
seven- our 27 hour trip to PARIS!
eight-A preview of our portrait session with the Eiffel Tower!
nine- Changing of the guards, ice cream, The Royal Library...
ten-Getting ice cream, and checking out the Royal library


  1. As hard as it is to admit, getting up early makes a single day so much better. I love the feeling of accomplishing a lot before noon, but sometimes the tradeoff of staying in bed is just too tempting. Again, these pictures are so breathtaking. They really make me want to move a European city with a slower pace of life and beautiful scenery. I bet you will miss it!

  2. so lovely! can't wait to hear about Sweden...and IKEA hahaa!

  3. I am so obsessing over these photos - beautiful!! And I can't wait to check out your posts on Paris!

  4. I can imagine that it felt like one big date!


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