Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kevin & I's Final Adventures Overseas

The last week of Denmark was full of rest and exploration. I really enjoyed having time to, take my time around the city. I saw so much and yet there was still so much to see. For Kevin and I'd last two days together in the city we chose to do some of the more tourist-y things and get away to Sweden for a few hours, marking yet another country on our map.

Saturday. We woke up early to go catch the morning sun at the Copenhagen beach (the Amagar beach, I believer), about a 30 minute bike ride from our home. It was fun to see a new part of the city, all of it is just so charming and in the early morning, it's so quiet. The beach was so pretty and I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've ever been completely, bundled up at a beach, it was cold. There was a group of men jumping in the water butt naked, so that was also a first. We snapped some pictures, took in the morning sun, gazed in the water and headed off to Nyhavn in order to catch a ride on the canal tour.

Right before we boarded the boat, we grabbed some croissants, when in Denmark do as the Danish and eat danishes. We really enjoyed the canal tour. It was cool to learn about  and see the city from a new perspective. Did you know the man that invented blue tooth was from here?! After the tour we loaded our bikes again and sped home (we had to grab Kevin's passport). This wasn't part of the plan originally but we realized it was better to take the train closer to home than farther and have to ride back at night. We boarded the metro, swapped trains at the airport, and in about 40 minutes we were in SWEDEN! Malmo to be specifc. Malmo, is, or at least the part we saw, mostly comprised of newer architecture than Copenhagen. There were some older structures to see, thankfully all very close together, so we had mapped those all out. There were several businesses and homes decorated with sticks that had feather glued to it, I read later that this was in preperation for Easter (which was the next weekend). There are two stories out there on the internet, one involved witches and another involves them being symbolic for the palm fralms laid for Jesus...I'm going with the second version.

We ate some really yummy meals in Malmo and enjoyed a much easier site seeing day than Paris (thank you Malmo for being small!).We tried to stop at an Ikea on the way home but it was too far away (as in, a nearly 45 minute walk from the metro in the dark) so instead we loaded the train, went home, watched a tv show while eating some swedish candy we picked up in Malmo. Sweden, really deserves it's own blog post.

Sunday. Sleep in day. We made it to 8am, which technically time just changed here so our bodies are still waking up "early." We lazied around for a bit, talked about our plans for the day. Ate some breakfast and then got going. We wanted to check out an Ikea here so we biked about 30 minutes from home to the nearest one. Ikea's are pretty much the same there as they are in the states but a tad cheaper! We had fun, and even had an Ikea lunch before we went to church, the same one we'd gone to before. It was Easter there (since the host church would be needing their facility for the entire day on the actual day of Easter) and oh was it glorious! The choir was so sweet and we loved sitting in the back and listening to the worship.

Sunday ended up being an incredibly cold and rainy day. It was definitely the most miserable day of our time there together thus far. We'd had plans to check out a museum but after leaving church the rain started coming down harder and all we wanted was to be warm. We went home, and dried up. As the rain started to lighten, we went out to my favorite nearby park so I could take Kevin to the hammocks I'd finally found the other day. We finished our day with another trip to the bakery and our final meal in the apartment together. I couldn't believe my time in Copenhagen had come to an end up I was indeed ready to be back in my own bed.

Thank you Lord for the trip and experience of a lifetime. I can't imagine our life without this fantastic opportunity now. I pray I never ever forget about the sweetness of every single day we had in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Copenhagen has stolen a piece of my heart forever.

Following our time in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 
four-The little home we lived in
five-Wednesday & Thursday & Friday: More exploration of the city
six- The story behind the Pacifier trees of Copenhagen
seven- our 27 hour trip to PARIS!
eight-A preview of our portrait session with the Eiffel Tower!
nine- Changing of the guards, ice cream, The Royal Library...
ten-Getting ice cream, and checking out the Royal library
eleven- My final days of exploring
twelve-My thoughts on being a house wife

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