Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five

Our favorite Paris pictures...taken by the extremely talented Katie Donnelly...find out & see more here!

It's been rather quiet around these parts lately. I've sort of just been focusing on other things. So today I'm copying one of my favorites, Karla, and doing a friday five.

one. By now I'm sure you've heard of the storms that have torn up our land here in Oklahoma. Tornadoes are never fun but the flooding has really begun to mess up lies here. Last week was completely exhausting and I'm pretty sure we crashed our friends' home nearly every day (they had the storm shelter). I'm praying this weekend isn't going to be crazy. If you're interested in helping, I know it can be hard to figure out where to help from far away, of course pray for those affected by the storms. And if you're able to give, this one family from our church has been through A LOT and they've lost a lot. It's a long story but insurance isn't helping and they've got $30,000 worth of repairs to make out of pocket. You can give to them here.

two. We miss Denmark but we are happy to have warmer weather around. I also need to finish off those Denmark posts! Whoops! We also miss our trip last summer spending time with Samantha and Tim.

three. We might be going to the country dance hall this weekend which is always lots of fun. Kevin and I need to practice our swing dancing that we learned at this wedding.

four. I'm planning a baby shower (or two) and need your help!!! What are some of  your favorite things you've seen or experienced at baby showers?

five. Some sweet girlfriends have been joining me on the Tone It Up challenge and I'm so glad for their encouragement! It's been sort of an off week and I've gained back a couple pounds I've lost but I'm still giving God glory! I've lost ten pounds since December! That's a praise a Jesus statement for me! What are some of your favorite healthy recipes? Did you buy the new Tone It Up book? Cause it's awesome!


  1. Woohoo on the weight loss, and I'm glad you're safe after the storms.

  2. at my sister in laws shower, they had blank bingo cards for each guest. we filled out the cards by putting an item we expected her to receive in each square (hooded towel, pack-n-play, pacifers etc) then, as she opened gifts, we played our bingo cards. it made the opening of gifts something that everyone could participate in instead of guests just sitting and watching.


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