Monday, April 13, 2015

Trails, The Little Mermaid, The Mirror House...

Monday morning I woke up to the sounds of Kevin getting ready for work and the soft glow of the sun coming through our windows. Most people have blinds and white linen curtains which make for an almost always naturally-lit home. During the day their shades are completely pulled open and curtains are pulled back revealing their window shelves lined with flowers and picture frames. It's beautiful.

After Kevin left I got ready for a run out on the streets. Yesterday, I noticed a trail through the city so I thought I'd find it. I was gone for nearly two hours! I found parks and trails, the zoo, schools, homes, colleges, shopping districts...all while listening to Pandora (yall, the Passion band playlist is my jam! find it, listen to it, NOW)...and eventually I got completely lost. I loved every minute of it until I realized I had no idea where I was and my phone was dying. Then I went into panic/survival mode. I definitely went the wrong way more than I went the right way. Some how I finally read the map on my phone enough to get back to our little home, but I've also found tons of places that I want to go check out more.

Some phone pictures from the run:

there were some tiny homes down one trail, though most live in tall older buildings

my can see how much I got turned around and went completely the wrong way.

The rest of Monday I went about unpacking and making this place "homey" (pictures of the little apartment up tomorrow).  I did a little shopping later, back to the part I discovered earlier when I was lost. Bakeries are everywhere and we're determined to try as many of the sweet selections as possible. Say what you want but we're biking at least an hour every day here soooo I'm good with this decision. Kevin gets home by 5:30, 17:30 in Denmark time. I love this part. He works from 9 to 5 and it takes him up to 30 minutes to get to his office on the bike. That means we get long mornings and long evenings together...dear America, why oh why do you insist on stealing my home time with my husband? In fact most everyone works similar hours to this, so any shops/mall/etc are usually closed by the time he gets home. The only places open are restaurants or some grocery stores.

Tuesday morning, I decided to set out with Kevin to his office and experience 1. biking in rush hour and 2. see where his office is. His office is set inside a relatively new building, the designer in me loves it,  out by the ports where all the container ships get set up or unpacked, his job is planning out/forecasting voyages for container ships at sea. From there I biked out to the end of the built-out area they created (in order to gain more land, Copenhagen has built several parts off the city onto the water called- land reclamation, to where the cruise ships dock. None were out but the sea did look gorgeous even in a 42 degree wind. They created this looking platform out of shipping containers, which was pretty fun.

From there I biked out and headed in search of The Little Mermaid who's story creator Frans Christian Anderson is from here. I ended up discovering a quaint little outlet shopping section on the water and a sweet walking/biking path along it. It was lovely. The morning air was still hazy and crisply chilly. I loved just slowly exploring this part of the city. I eventually did find The Little Mermaid, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while I waited for the huge tour group to split. I must say having the time to just wait and enjoy what's around me has been lovely. After the mermaid I just continued to wander. I ended up later realizing I had traipsed all over the Kastelett grounds. It is one of the few remaining star fortresses in Europe. There was a stunning church next to it and a fabulous windmill, which was under restoration work, that I found myself just gazing at. It was so beautiful, I'm determined to go back and run up that way,  I never did this but it sure would have been nice to.

With that I crossed two items off my list of things to see and headed to my last main sight for the day, The Mirror House. It was on a number of articles I'd read of things to see so I made it a point to go find it. It's so hard to stay on the path when you're on route to something. There are shops, bakeries, grocery stands everywhere and they're all so charming. But with my phone on it's last run I knew I had to make my way to the park to see the mirror house without any side stops. The Mirror House can be found in the kid's play area at this massive and beautiful park named Faelledparken next to the city's soccer stadium. I felt a little awkward walking into the kids play area with just a camera in hand but it's pretty neat and a cool way to disguise what is really just a public restroom building. However, it took more time to find (both the night before online and out on the streets) than it took me to stand there and admire it. Also, one person walking into the fenced-in kids area just to take pictures of herself in the mirror on the building...kind of awkward. On my way out of the kids area I noticed this tree that had been absolutely covered and draped with kids pacifiers. I'll have to get the story on that later (and I did in fact learn more about this! Check in later this week!).

there's a twisted picture for you! 

the pacifier tree

From there I wandered about the park. I'd read there was a cafe in the middle so I went there, as it was lunch hour now, but unfortunately it hadn't opened for the spring season yet. I found myself a sunny spot to sit and plan out my way home. I knew my phone wasn't going to make it and besides navigation isn't easy to use on the bike, It's easier to just figure out which way to go and give it a try. I'm proud to say I made it all the way home. I rested for a bit, ate, did some blogging, and wandered out later for some new items from a new bakery. I went right back home afterwards and began plotting Paris...I can't believe in just a matter of days I'll be walking the streets of Paris...and even just today that I have been able to explore the city of Copenhagen! Father God, this dream becoming reality is beyond my understanding. Thank you.


  1. The pastries look soo yummy!
    The Little Mermaid is my favorite, so of course I'm thrilled about this part.
    Is there a chance of Kevin being able to work a "normal" shift in the future? I know that must be tough.

  2. WOW!!! So amazed at how wonderful all of this is...if that was my view for a run--I would totally be motivated!! Soak in this precious time!!!

  3. This is so cool, that you had the time to just wander around--not in the context of a super-rushed vacation.

  4. Love The Little Mermaid! Looks like you had a lot of fun exploring!


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