Friday, April 24, 2015

The Day I was on a Movie Set

We're in Copenhagen,'s rather cold and sometimes's definitely not tourist season time...but apparently it's filming a movie season time! So I found myself walking on the set of a movie. I was a total dork about it...but I mean, come on SO COOL!

A couple days before I found myself on the movie set, I was in the same area, Nyhavn, and thought it was interesting that there were a lot of the old ships out and tons of old wooden crates (picture at the top of this post taken then). There had been some ships out previously, this is my favorite area so I visit it frequently, but definitely not wooden crates and barrels. I had purchased my ice cream that day and was sitting on the edge of the canal, watching this girl go boat to boat and cover things up with brown gaff tape, which I thought was odd but other than that I didn't think much of it. I went home that evening and told Kevin all about the wooden crates and barrels and how cool it was. Totally had no idea.

A couple days later, I'm on the walking tour, and boom...Nyhavn has turned into a full blown movie set. One of the guys on the tour said he's staying in a hotel down where they were filming and this morning walked out the door and onto the set, also having had no previous knowledge of it. He was pointing everything out, they'd put crates and tarps over anything that was modern day: a canal tour sign, metal bike racks...and they'd even brought in gravel and covered the street in it, as opposed to concrete. There were horses and old cars, more barrels and crates. It was pretty stinkin' awesome.

I finished out the walking tour and promptly headed back to get some more peeks in. I walked right by the staff buffet line and all their equipment (or at least part of it). I took too many pictures than it's probably appropriate too but it was just so cool to me! I saw actors/actresses all dressed in period character (1920s). Plus with all the ships sails and the crates out, it looked pretty darn picturesque.

I was like a kid in a candy shop. I loved seeing how they were covering up contemporary things. I loved seeing the people in character. They even had a guy pulling a horse carriage and his role was simply to go up and down the street constantly. The old cars and carriages were all so cool to see up close. I was definitely "star-struck" and I didn't even see any "movie stars."

So there ya have it...the day I was on a movie set...and acted like a ridiculous child.

look at all those cute people in 20s fashion

this is my I'm-on-a-movie-set-selfie

lovely right? Seriously, couldn't get enough of this part of Copenhagen...with or without movie sets

One of the tourist canal tour stations all covered up

the guy who's job it was to go up/down the street, no worries yall, he had his cigarette

this shows where they added the gravel to the road...pretty cool

Oh and the movie is The Danish Girl set to release in November of this year. 
You can read Copenhagen's news post about the movie filming here.
Ever been on a movie set? Did you geek out too?

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