Friday, April 3, 2015

Random Thoughts While Traveling

Yall are in for a real "treat" today because today's post is a bunch of things that I was thinking. observing, feeling as I was traveling to Denmark. Yall traveling that far alone is lonely! Worth it but not so fun. Good thing I'm good at entertaining myself. Whether or not you think this is entertaining, I decided to post it my random thoughts while traveling:

I just read Samaritan Purse's recap of this last years's Operation Christmas Child and found myself with tears in my eyes. Constantly, trying not to bust into tears so as to not disturb my plane neighbor. It is amazing what God is doing through that ministry. Thank you Lord for these kinds of organizations!

There is a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds out my window. It is hard to believe that in moments I'll be hustling through the Houston airport towards my next plane, the plane that will take me to Amsterdam, and from there to Denmark. Ummm what...? How in the world did I end up in this place? I never ever ever imagined I'd be traveling to meet my husband in across the world while he travels on work. Crazy.

All week people have asked me if I'm excited. I felt like telling them, no out of sassyness. I mean of course I'm excited!! The better question would be are you ready? What are you going to do? Or have you planned anything? The answers to those are far more interesting. Fact of the matter is I wasn't ready till this morning, I have no idea what I'm going to do,and I've planned nada other than we are going to Paris my second weekend there. You see, originally I was planning on working while I was here. Then I didn't want to get my hopes up and then suddenly it all just sorta happened. And the week leading up to this day was so hectic I was near tears in stress. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I'm excited! Man oh man what a crazy, wonderful gift!

I'm on a plane on route to a country that I quite honestly never even thought I'd visit, let alone live in for a short period. My plans mostly consist of just getting myself there and sorting through what my days will look like once I'm there. I've got some things packed up. Books for instance, I have around 5. One on parenting(because yes I'm still reading those and no I'm not hinting at any future children), two on photography(finally going to learn that camera some, hopefully), and one about serving Gods mission to care for all people, in particular children through Compassion International. My Bible and journal are also tucked into my bags. I'm hoping to spend some long moments with the Lord in this trip. I also tossed some of my favorite prisma pencils in a bag  and plopped in a sketch book..who knows what my future two weeks will hold.

Walking through the terminals of the Houston airport invites floods of memories. It is from here that I've left for my grandparents home, for Florida, for Italy, for California, for Honduras... Memories of barely making it to the gate on time...memories of standing in the new international terminal with tons of youth, organizing till we loaded up for our mission work in Honduras...memories of my sisters and I walking the halls and holding hands in matching attire...memories of my mom and I going to Italy when I was 14... Memories of travel with my adventurous family...sooo many memories. My heart just swells.

I've watched Alexander and the no good very bad terrible day(or something like that...LOVED this one!), Into the Woods (interesting, not what I was expecting but alright and this scene is definitely my favorite; ps: did you knwo this was already a musical/play? Okay I didn't.), and started This is Where I Leave You(I think I want to finish this one)...and now the Mindy Project is on. I've attempted to sleep three times and maybe have slept a collective of two hours. Every time I got close to a deep sleep the lovely man behind me would kick my seat...dear sir, I'm sorry I've reclined my seat but not really cause you see the person in front of me has theirs reclined and also I am allowed to...also ps there's and empty seat next to you so if it was really that bad why couldn't you just move over a seat. My neighbors, I'm in the window seat, are nice but they didn't move the entire time!

yes this is a scene from the mindy project and yes I took this picture purely because I liked the design of the doors behind him

Watching the sunrise right now over Ireland/England approximately is pretty great. The sun is creeping up and the moon is still half lit. It is stunning. How can people see this and not believer in a mighty Creator?!!

I've landed. Landed in Denmark. Time to embrace a new culture, a new city and learn as much about it as I can. And eat some food because I'm quite hungry.

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  1. Into the Woods is great! We did the play in high school and I have a DVD of the Broadway production.
    I have to say the film did a good job of preserving the ideas of the story even though so many cuts had to be made. They sell the Broadway DVD at Target - you'll have to watch sometime :)


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