Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Home in Copenhagen

Since Kevin was working here for a month, his company provided a little apartment in a suberb area, Frederiksberg, of Copenhagen. It was so sweet and I so adored it! I forgot to snap a picture of the little bathroom that housed a shower, toilet, sink and a washer/dryer combo (yes one box for both). It was a small little place but it worked and I left ready to clean sweep my house of everything extra, and also paint everything white, but Kevin says no to both. I re-arranged the furniture slightly to be a little "homier" for us.

With an abundance of flower shops, I also had a constant bouquet in the home rooms. Thanks to my sweet man for surprising me with a bouquet when I first arrived and continued to come home with flowers for me...heart=happy.

We lived in one of the classic city buildings that housed several flats. In the middle of the buildings is a courtyard. The courtyard is private to the buildings that look into it. I also never got shots of the courtyard but it was fun to look out the kitchen window out it as I hand washed dishes. There was a little greenhouse, a play area for kids, and some green grass to run around in. This is also where you took the trash and could lock up your bikes super securely.

Following our trip in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 


  1. With all the white those flowers really do add something special! It amazes me how little one actually needs, and while the clean and minimalist look appeals to me sometimes, I've concluded it's just not me :)

  2. I'm kinda sad you didn't get a picture of this mysterious laundry machine. a former co-worker of mine had one (here in the states) and I'm still intrigued. How do electrical fires not ensue?

  3. This is such a dream. What an awesome opportunity. If that were my 1-month apartment, those windows would never be closed


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