Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Copenhagen Life Begins

I am officially blogging from another country. Someone pinch me. Since I've arrived it hasn't quite felt real. My jet lag really wasn't too bad but after a bite to eat and biking all over town all I wanted was to eat the toaster-oven-pizza on the bed and fall asleep. So we did just that.

oh you gotta love this super attractive picture the husband snapped of me...
But rewind a bit, after Kevin picked me up and we dropped my stuff off, we walked in our area to find a spot to eat. Lunch that day is when it first hits me that I am in another country. We found this cute little place, and walked in staring in disbelief at the hand written menu we couldn't read. Some of Danish isn't too difficult so we're able to make out a fish plate of some sort and something to do with chicken, so we order them both. We added a giant croissant  as well, because when you're in Copenhagen, to do as the eat pastries...or at least that's our take. The chicken plate was a sandwich and was delicious and the fish was sort of fried and was pretty good. After lunch we set off to get a bike rented out for me for the duration of my stay.

Once we have the bike, we're off. Kevin, having already been here a week has gotten a good grasp of where things are. He decides to take me up the one of the main streets that takes us from the "suburb" area of where we were living (Frederiksberg) into the inner urban area of Copenhagen.

I'm constantly struck by the architecture all around us. Everything it so much older than what we live around back in Oklahoma. Many of the general buildings are simply stunning with little pieces of detail and artwork to it. I want to take a picture of everything.

Our stop for the day is Christiansborg Palace. It has a tower that you can go up for free. The palace was first home to the royal family years and years ago. After two big fires, the royal family eventually leaves but the palace is re-built to eventually accommodate the country's parliament. We ride by the City Hall Square and Tivoli Gardens (one of the earliest amusement parks in the world, Walt Disney supposedly visited the Gardens and was inspired by it) on the way there. The Christiansborg Palace Tower requires an elevator ride and some stairs. It's cold at the top but it's so cool to see the entire city of Copenhagen, the city I'm calling home for the next couple of weeks, all before us. There's construction cranes all over, it seems as though the whole city is under going projects, and later in fact I find out they are as they're adding several metro stations/lines.

 As we wrap up our time at the top, I suddenly hit a wall. Well hello there jetlag. We decide to call it a day at this point and plan to stop at a grocery store back near the home. Toaster oven pizza and a cup of tap water, which tastes sorta funny, on top of the bed rounds out my first day in Copenhagen. I fell asleep fast and deeply.

There was a bride and groom (seen on the right side of this picture) there taking photos.

channeling my inner taylor swift of course


Kevin and I had the opportunity to go live in Copenhagen, Denmark for a while in March. He was working and I was granted permission to join him for a portion of the time. These posts were started while we were in Copenhagen but we are home now. I'll be sharing our activities and things we learned over the next few weeks. 


  1. How gorgeous! You got some great shots!

  2. What an amazingly fabulous adventure!

  3. That is awesome! love the Taylor Swift shot :)

  4. I'm so excited to hear allllll about your adventure over there! :) And your pictures are beautiful, what an amazing city!


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