Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My First Full Day in Copenhagen

Sunday is a dream. We wake up slowly, the whole room is white, including the breezy, linen curtains...the room just glows with the morning sun. We eventually make a little breakfast, and get dressed for a day of exploring.  We ride out to the Botanical Gardens first, it's pretty but definitely hints that it's beauty is best seen in late spring. The giant white and glass "greenhouse" is so cool. After walking the grounds, we go inside the greenhouse and thaw out a bit in it's humidity. The greenery is beautiful.


Tiny spiral stair cases took you to the top of the greenhouse. It was steep but it was a COOL view from the top along the perimeter.

Afterwards we ride out to Nyhavn (pronounced, new hown in Danish), one of the more iconic areas of Copenhagen. It's where all the colorful buildings are up on the canal. I later learn the colors of these buildings is close to what they originally were. Owners are required to re-paint as necessary to maintain the color and are never allowed to change the color. The colorful building have hotel rooms or homeowners at the tops and the first floors are primarily little cafes. All of the cafes have out door seating that's covered and has heaters and blankets for each of the chairs. It's so picturesque! Immediately, I love this area. We walk all up the canal, reading the brunch menus as we walk, I become instantly convinced that we must eat at one of the cafes.  

Once we come across a menu that reads Danish Pancakes I'm sold. Danish pancakes, as it turns out, are sorta of like thin pancakes, almost crepe like, served with a drizzle of chocolate cream, similar to a creamery nutella, and served with fruit, a bit of ice cream and a bit of jam. It's wonderful. It's in the low forties but I'm determined to bask in the fullness of where we are and insist we sit outside at the cute tables under the heat fan with the blankets. I love it. We stop at an ice cream parlor after our brunch and decide on some sweets that are freshly made for us right then and there.

We discover a store where we pick up our first Danish souvenir, a magnet which I now can't seem to find anywhere. I'm drawn to the amazing wooden toys, leather toys and some ceramic bowls. I come back to this store often in the following weeks. After the store, we realize that we have to get going towards a local church that Kevin had found through a friend connection before he arrived. The church is FIBC Copenhagen and meets in a beautiful traditional church, FIBC meets later at 12:30 so the traditional church can have it's services. The church is assistantly-pastored by a man who is from Norman, Oklahoma-small world!

The church was precious and I fell completely in love with it. Every single moment of the service is so sweet. I am ready to move here afterwards. Kevin just smiles at me as I rambled on about it. I loved being in that small church. I loved singing the worship songs led by one man on guitar (who you could just tell was all into it) and two ladies singing on a microphone together. Church stripped down to simply people, music and a message. I loved it. I've grown up in big churches and I love my big churches but man oh man how my heart adored being in this church. Big dreams began in my heart as we left it but only God knows what the future has in store for us.

After the church service, we head back out to Nyhavn, at my request, to wander the area.We park our bikes and end up walking along side the water all the way to the Opera House and Amalienborg, the Royal's palace area complete with traditional guards. There are four homes in court that is round. Each home houses a different member of the royal family with one left for visitors. The homes originally belonged to wealthy families. After the Christiansborg palace fires, the Royal family eventually moved into Amalienborg.

After wandering this side of the city for a while, we make our way through a portion of Stroget, the city's shopping center. It's one very long street.that have shops all up and down it. Everything from your H&M to high end designer stores. It's a very busy part of the city but it's all for walkers only, no cars are allowed along the street.

We decide to head back home to rest. Dinner is something we put together with things at the house. My designer problems kick in and I insist Kevin helps me re-arrange the living room/bedroom combo before the night ends. And with that, my first weekend in Copenhagen ends. I fall asleep completely in awe. God is so good. He is so sweet to his children. I still can't believe that He worked everything out for me to be here in this very moment. 

There was this awesome interactive, flap wall outside the construction site for people to play with. Kevin made a heart.

All the construction sites had some sort of art display or thing to interact with including windows and platforms for you to view the progress!


Kevin and I had the opportunity to go live in Copenhagen, Denmark for a while in March. He was working and I was granted permission to join him for a portion of the time. These posts were started while we were in Copenhagen but we are home now. I'll be sharing our activities and things we learned over the next few weeks. 


  1. Sounds amazing... your pictures are lovely and those pancakes sound delicious!

  2. I love these posts and pics...and so cool about the church.
    Are you hinting that there's a possibility of permanence in Denmark?

  3. oh my goodness! so excited for you---what a fabulous adventure for the two of you :) can't wait to follow along!!! PS eat a pancake for me!


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