Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ice Cream in the Forties

It is Monday .I'm been sitting in bed all morning so far. reading blogs, writing one post, and organized some pictures. I still haven't even opened the blinds! I needed some down time.

Later on, I ended up going out to catch the changing of the guards at Amelianborg. I caught them om their way, so cool! Then I went to buy the bowls and little leather animal that I've been eyeing since day two here. Thanks mom for the spending money. I can't wait to put the little elephant up on our shelf, and maybe one day in my kid's room,and use the pretty bowls! Friends, if you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, please go check out this shop! Zane is the name of the shop and it's right at the corner of Nyhavn and the main road.

It was rather nice out, nice being that it was sunny and not freezing windy, so I opted for an ice cream (ironically, I had poked fun at the Danes last week for eating ice cream when it was 50 degrees and here I was getting it when it was in the forties) for lunch, my first paid lunch out. It was so relaxing to just sit on the side of the water and watch loads of crates being carried about from ships to the docks and back again. It was very picturesque though I did find it odd, none of these "old-fashioned" crates were here the previous times. It was the first time I really slowed down. I ran so hard last week. The ice cream was delicious, I got a strawberry and chocolate brownie in a cone dipped in freshly made melted dark chocolate.

I felt well rested afterward, but my fingers were indeed really cold. From there, I decided to check out The Royal Library, nicknamed the Black Diamond for the stunning contemporary add on to the historic building. While the architecture is pretty darn cool, it is really just a library. So unless you like to walk around and watch people study, you likely won't spend much time here.

There were also ALOT more older ships in the harbor today.

All my barrels and crates that mysteriously showed up...there was also a lady putting brown masking tape over white paper things on the ships...

I stopped at the shopping district, Stroget, to get Kevin some gloves. It's in the 40s here but apparently gloves are out of season. They were crazy hard to find, and the ones I did find were on the pricier side. I ended finding some on clearance at an H&M, or what the Danes like to call their peace with Sweden result in them putting a ton of H&Ms in. I went inside Illumns Bolighus, love this store too, and looked at the wooden animals, something else I've been eyeing, but I wasn't quite ready to make the purchase plunge.

On my way home from my outing I stopped at an Aldi, they have Aldi here!, but they didn't have everything. I went home unloaded and went to head to the local mall that has a grocery store in it, apparently common for this part of the world. I made it through the whole day almost without glancing a the map but got lost going to the mall that is a FIVE minute walk from the house.

I finally made it and wandered into another store that also had the wooden animals. Three times in one day I've eyed these guys. Not to mention all the times before. I went to the grocery store and talked to my mom about the little wooden creations through text. I made it home and prepared a nice dinner for Kevin. A healthy one! Salad and chicken! No baked pastries for once. We settled into a low key night of working on some things, reading and talking about the days ahead.

Following our time in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 
four-The little home we lived in
five-Wednesday & Thursday & Friday: More exploration of the city
six- The story behind the Pacifier trees of Copenhagen
seven- our 27 hour trip to PARIS!
eight-A preview of our portrait session with the Eiffel Tower!

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  1. This post gives me such wanderlust. I am one of those people who think ice cream tastes best in the winter, so despite you being bundled, that cone still looks delicious. I love the shot of the colored buildings!


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