Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eiffel Tower Portrait Session

Not too long ago, I recall reading Victoria's blog post about their Paris adventure and how they chose to get some pictures taken while they were there. I loved her idea, I stashed it away in a bucket list as a dream for one day far, far away.

Little did I know that in just months, Kevin and I would have the opportunity to go to Paris ourselves. Most people plan their Europe adventures months in advance, Kevin and I planned it in days. There was one thing we were sure of, our anniversary pictures this year would be with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I searched some photographers but eventually found my way to Katie Donnelly, recommend by Victoria's photographer.  From the moment, we received her excited email response, I knew we'd found the right gal for our session.

Katie moved to Paris from New York and has studied photography nearly all her life. She is incredibly sweet, and so much fun! She even gave me a complete guide to what she would do if she only had a day in Paris, and we really did do much of what she recommended.

We had the best time with her and we loved the images she caught. We are simply so blown away and look forward to someday possibly meeting up with her again. If you're looking to get a little mini session in with the iconic Eiffel Tower, or anywhere else in Paris, you MUST book up Katie. And if you're headed there in the next 6 months, you'll get a 10% discount if you mention that I sent you!

Follow Katie on instagram, facebook and of course her website as well.

I can't wait to share more but here's a few of the shots she took!

Happy nearly THIRD anniversary to us!

Following our time in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 
four-The little home we lived in
five-Wednesday & Thursday & Friday: More exploration of the city
six- The story behind the Pacifier trees of Copenhagen
seven- our 27 hour trip to PARIS!


  1. Yay! SO glad yall did these---gorgeous!

  2. So gorgeous! I have seen a few of these and they're amazing!

  3. The pictures are beautiful. Happy (almost) third anniversary!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great idea! This is definately being added to my bucket list!

  5. These are beautiful, and the tower in the background just adds to the romance that's there anyway. Your kids will love looking at these one day ;)

  6. Absolutely OBSESSING over these photos!!!

  7. Hi,

    very beautiful pics




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