Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Friends in all Places

It seems as though I've been in a sappy mood lately. I think it's the constant care and concern I'm receiving from all the people near me that's putting me in this mood. I'm so thankful for every person that has reached out to me over the last week. The Saturday and Sunday after my wisdom teeth removal (yes, all four) was pretty much a breeze. My sweet husband and amazing best friend, Kristina, took care of me. Then Monday, last week as in the 23rd, hit and my mouth suddenly turned against me. I've been in throbbing pain ever since then (it's Saturday the 28th as I write this). This recovery has not been smooth sailing but the people that have loved on me with their words and service has been incredible and I'm so honored to call them my friends. Thank you all!

I think this blog post will take on a very random nature.

One of my friends is getting ready to receive her residency news. I can't believe she's about to take this next step in her career. Kayla, you're a rock star and I'm so proud of you! I'm so glad I got to spend some sweet time with you and Kristina on Friday night. We decided to use my bean-bag bed (seriously, best purchase of 2014!) and lay around on it, watch movies, order pizza and eat a copious amount of ice cream and homemade cheesecake. Relaxing with the two of them was heavenly. I loved our time talking together! The friendship I have between the two of you, and our missing link-Emily, is among the top things I cherish here on this earth. God is so good to us!

Speaking of friendships, it's been well over half a year now since I've talked to a beautiful lady that I used to call one of my best friends. I thought time would heal the pain. While time has made me think of her less, it's not lessened the pain. I still hurt when I think of how long it's been. I know the Lord is working within each of us. I also know that He had a reason for allowing us time apart from one another. I see it. I know it's for good. I know it's something that needed to happen. But honestly, it's still hard. I still love the woman she is and I still pray often for her sweet heart. To my precious friend, you know who you are, if you're reading this, please know that I love you and I hope you've been doing amazingly well, and if one day you're ready to talk again, I'm here.

.Kevin took our cute pup out for some play time in the snow this last weekend ( I was still lazily lounging with girlfriends). They took the cutest pictures together and I'm just can't stop looking at them( the above). Those two. Man oh man, am I thankful for them!

My sweet husband has been given news that he's going to be able to go to Copenhagen, Denmark for a month. His company opened a new office there and he's wanted to help work with some clients. Of course, I'm so so proud of him and completely jealous. He has done such an amazing job at his office, I'm so honored to call a man who is appreciate, and well received in his workplace, my husband. I am excited to get him all ready for his big trip but I so wish he was shoving me into his suitcase.

Dear Holly, it's been too long since we've hung out. I miss you and can't wait to hear about your sisters wedding shower. We need to catch up. Ice cream date?

I think my friend and I are going to attempt to make one of those poufs that have been so so popular lately...anyone made of those?!

Have yall heard this song? I'm LOVING it!

So what's going on in your lives??


  1. It's so exciting about Denmark! And wisdom teeth recovery is so tough. I hope you have total relief soon. Did you get dry socket?

  2. Wisdom teeth?? Ouch! I got mine out when I was 17 and I still remember the misery. I basically didn't eat anything other than water for a solid week, I just could bear to put anything in my mouth! Glad you're on the road to recovery, and that people have been giving you the care you need!


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