Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweet and Precious Time

If only you could hold onto weekends forever.

This morning I'm keeping busy at home, trying to put my mind off the fact that in so many hours from now I'll be getting my four wisdom teeth pulled. eeek! The weekend that lies ahead will probably consist mostly of sleeping and eating ice cream (that's all I'm allowed to eat, right? I'm pretending so), but last weekend is still on my mind. The husband and I had the sweetest time, I've been fondly recalling it all week long.

Originally, I would have been getting my wisdom teeth pulled a week ago. Since we had anticipated I would be recovering, we planned on a fairly easy going Valentine's Day.  Kevin got the day off months ago(sweet man, thank you!). My wisdom teeth removal got post-poned but we maintained out plan of all our favorite junk foods, movies and cuddling.

The weekend really started on Friday with a quiet night in playing games.

Kevin picked up our favorite sparkling juice(I like the occasional glass of wine but Kevin just doesn't, we both love sparkling juice though!), and popcorn. I surprised him with some valentines colored M&Ms on Friday and some of his favorite candy(starburst jelly beans). Pizza, cheetos, heart-shaped donuts, and a super yummy red velvet cake were on the menu (like I said, junk food favorites).

We awoke on Saturday morning to the sun shining through our windows. We lazily took our time getting up out of bed and dressing. Saturday mornings together don't happen often so we purposely slowly enjoyed every minute,  thank you Lord for gifted Saturdays together. We packed Paisley into the car and drove to the local favorite donut place. It looked raided by the time we got there but I lucked out and a chocolate iced, heart shaped donut was still left (I'd never had a heart shaped donut before, not that it tastes any different but for some reason I just had my heart set on finding one).

We took our donuts and puppy girl to campus to walk around since the morning was just beautiful outside. Paisley was so well behaved that we let her walk off a leash.We took pictures, played and ran with her.Right then and there I made a decision.

Our newest family tradition is having some family time on Valentine's day before Kevin and I have our own time. It might look different as the years go on, maybe it's making pancakes together, maybe it's playing a game, or maybe it is going to campus to walk around and take pictures...whatever it is, it will be our little family altogether enjoying something together.

We picked up redbox movies, my pink/red roses (I finally got half a dozen this year!, I get an added rose for every Valentine's Day we've spent together), and our red velvet cake on our way home. Once home we started setting up for our lazy day of cuddling and movie watching. We have one of those bean bags that turns into a bed (it's our guest bed, thanks shark tank!) so we pulled it downstairs, fluffed it out and set it up complete with our bed pillows.

The rest of the day we spent in our jammies, watching movies, cuddling, and eating our smorgasbord of foods. It was gloriously relaxing. I loved every minute.

We spent that night in our living room on our bean bag bed (so yes guests, we can now say we've slept on it and it's decently comfortable, far better than those pull out beds!). Sunday brought bitterly cold weather, so we opted to once again stay in our jammies and watch church from home. And yes we did so, on our bed, in the living room.

We tidied up after church, did one thing from our to-do list and proceeded to enjoy the rest of our day relaxing some more. The night ended with reading by the fireside and the Bachelor, of course. It was so hard going to bed that night and saying good bye to our precious weekend. The Lord knew how much we needed this weekend of relaxing togetherness. Thank you sweet Jesus for gifting us little things like a weekend of being lazy and loving on each other with simple, uninterrupted time.

Dear husband, I love you dearly. I had the most amazingly sweet and precious time with you this weekend. I loved every minute and I've missed it every day since we left it. You are my forever Valentine and I look forward to continuing traditions we started this weekend. I love you. ps: thank you for taking care of me in my post-wisdom teeth removal state.

When was the last time you and your husband put some time aside to simply relax? Next time you're planning a date night, consider this option. I love getting all dolled up but I know our marriage needs date days/nights like these.


  1. Sean loves starburst jelly beans, too!
    I'm intrigued by this bed. I must know more.

    1. and best wishes with the wisdom teeth; I hope your recovery is super fast!

  2. <3 What a wonderful weekend!!! Nate and I are planning on having Valentine's Day be family day too! We were engaged on Feb 12th so that will be our love date night and Valentine's Day will be for the family (until our kids are old enough to want to spend Valentine's Day with their significant others). I hope you're recovering well from your wisdom teeth removal!


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