Wednesday, February 25, 2015


the sunset I caught from the other night on my way home

Dear Husband,

You are my favorite person, my fave. Three years ago, we were navigating the waters of planning a wedding, preparing for graduation and wondering what in the world we were going to do with our life post-graduate/wedding. We prayed and searched almost daily as we considered all the possibilities. Somehow, the Lord planted us here, in Norman, our college town. Despite our dreams of returning to our home state, oh Texas how we love thee, or our attempts to look for jobs in the sunshine state, Florida we're coming one day, we didn't move but a few miles down the road from our college apartments. 

In all my day dreaming I never dreamed I'd be living full time in Oklahoma. My life up until college had been primarily lived in the great state of Texas and before my senior of high school I had little intentions of ever leaving my beloved state. Now after nearly seven years in Norman, Oklahoma, I can't imagine my life any other way.

The Lord has truly grown us here. We have gone from bright-eyed eighteen year olds to twenty-something adults. Our hearts have matured, our faith has matured, our dreams have matured, and our love has matured. We've gone from newlweds trying to find the right small group, to leaders of our own group. The relationships we've grown from that one avenue of our life here in Norman alone is beyond my understanding. I simply stand amazed, totally in awe at the work of the Lord. That there is a group of young couples that desire, that want, to come to a group we "lead" is beyond me. That is all God, and not an ounce of us.

anniversary 2

We've also grown our home. We began in a small town-home with four walls, and only a door to our bathroom.We brought Paisley home to that little place. I found ways to squeeze things under beds and behind sofas, and we loved our little home. Now, in our two-bed, two and  half-bath with garage and yard duplex, we have more room that we even imagined. A smile comes to my face as I recall the sweaty and jam-packed wedding shower we hosted a year ago here, and the fourth of july game day, and the countless dinner party nights. This home, God has given us a belonging here in this home. God has given us a place to love, cherish, and grow in.  I adore this little home.

This Oklahoma town that we call home will forever hold a place in my heart. I have no idea how long we'll be here. Maybe, God will call us here forever. But I know that nearly every street here has a story that I'll remember. From our first dates, to our early days of being married, to our first moments of being "real" adults...there are so many places here, so many people here that make my heart ache with joy and gratitude.

anniversary 1

I am so honored that our good King chose to pair us together. Only Him working in you could have brought me to live and truly adore living here in Oklahoma. I love this family He's given us here. I love this home He's given us here. I love the people He's given us here. Sweet husband, thank you for jumping into the unknown so many times with me. Thank you for getting that puppy even though you weren't necessarily "ready," thank you for pushing me to serve at the college worship night, even though I wasn't really "into it," thank you for trusting God with me when we found ourselves as "leaders" of a small group, thank  you for looking at a duplex with me even when you didn't want to move, thank you for pushing me to choose excellence in my workplace when I'd rather be selfish, and thank you for being the most amazing husband to me when I know I'm not the most amazing wife back. You are without a doubt my best friend. I can't imagine doing any of life without you. I love you. -Veronica



all photos done by Anna with Birds & Coffee Designs


  1. Husbands are the best! Thanks for sharing and for the reminder that what we have is not from US it is from GOD.



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