Monday, February 2, 2015

First comes love then comes...

...a baby in a baby carriage...

Talking babies in our household isn't uncommon. Kevin and I love to dream about the future. Dreaming about paying off debt, buying a home, becoming parents, and raising children that love and make known the name of God are among our biggest dreams and thus are often talked about. Alas, children for us are still a ways off but children for some of our best friends is officially on its way. 

Not too long ago, I shared about their wedding shower(here and here), and then their wedding, and now Kevin and I were excited to be able to take their baby announcement pictures. We are absolutely thrilled for them and just can't wait to meet baby. I'm loving getting to walk along side them through this next chapter of their lives,  that's what best friends are for! I know that when we one day take the step into becoming parents they'll be right there with us.

Without further adieu, the pictures for their wonderful announcement!


Many thanks to my talented husband for taking the pictures. You've learned so much already! I'm so proud of you.


  1. I was seriously expecting this post to be your own announcement. Great pics!

  2. AH! You're such a stinker—I totally thought you and Kevin were expecting!
    I'm still excited for your friends, babies are always a reason to celebrate—but I'm a little disappointed when it's not one of my friends ;)

  3. Boooo! I thought you were going to say that YOU were pregnant!

  4. You nearly got me too! The pictures are really, really cute!


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